Coffee Lovers Rejoice! Health Benefits From Your Morning Cup of Joe

Morning rituals are such an important aspect of balanced living. One could be making sure you get 30 minutes of yoga in before work, or having some quiet time to reflect and assemble your thoughts for the day. My morning ritual is my one big cup of strong coffee as I compose my daily article for Balanced Babe. The strong, rich aroma and earthy, smoky taste jump starts my consciousness and prepares me for the day.  Coffee has gotten a bad rap as being an unhealthy, un nutritional, caffeine laden beverage.  But ongoing studies are showing positive benefits (which I am over the moon psyched about – I can’t let go of my coffee addiction quite yet):
Contains vitamins B2 & B3, calcium and magnesium; (USDA nutrient data)
–  Loaded with antioxidants; (University of Scranton)
Increases metabolism which may contribute to weight loss; (Amer. Jrnl. of 
– May be associated with a decrease in death caused by cardiovascular disease (National Center of Biotechnology Information)
– May reduce Parkinson’s disease symptoms (American Academy of Neurology)
– Linked to a reduced risk of certain cancers; (American Inst. for Cancer 
– May reduce the risk of suicide by acting as a mild anti-depressant and 
           mood booster; (Harvard Study)
With strong research numbers favoring lowered risk for Type II Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and even death, my love of coffee is justifiably a triumph! 
Be aware, though, that consuming too much coffee has a downside. The addictive nature of caffeine as a stimulant seems to be the basis for the negative research on coffee consumption, especially more than four cups a day. And it can stain your teeth.  All in all, there seems to be a general agreement that coffee in moderation (a few cups per day) has many more positives than negatives.
Note:  This post is the opinion of the writer based on her research. Coffee may not be suitable for all individuals.  When in doubt, consult your health practitioner.  
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