Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker Dairy Free Spinach Artichoke Kale Dip

Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper and Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker. All opinions are my own. 

This dairy free spinach artichoke kale dip will wow all your holiday party guests. They will hands down think there is cheese in this deliciously creamy recipe! 


Ok peeps, it’s holiday party season. That means you’re either going to be indulging and eating at parties, or you’ll be hosting parties. Either way, there’s going to be tons of food and booze on the horizon. Between work, family, friends, events, parties, and your own “stuff” you’ve gotta deal with, it feels like time just flies by and you don’t have time for anything! 

I’m not sure about you, but what stresses me out the most is creating appetizers or snacks to bring to friends and family gatherings over the holidays. Since I like to create healthy plant-based recipes, sometimes I think too much about making sure that the recipe won’t scare anyone off (AKA like this scene from my past TV segment where I spilled the beans that my mac n cheese was made of cashews and nutritional yeast. He thought it tasted fantastic, by the way *hair flip*). 


Because of the time crunch that naturally surrounds us during the holidays and the fact that we either have to feed guests, or bring food to parties, it makes sense to whip out my handy dandy Crock-Pot®  slow cooker once again to save the day. SO this time around I’m making dairy free spinach artichoke kale dip!


When you think of Christmas, do you have a memory of some sort of appetizer or dish that stays consistent throughout the years? For me, that’s spinach dip. My family always serves it as an appetizer, and I end up eating 80% of it and then being too full for the main course (and everyone get’s pissed that I once again, hogged all the spinach dip). I don’t know why, but my obsession with spinach dip has been with me since I was a child. 

This dairy free spinach artichoke kale dip is surprisingly easy to make. I whip up my traditional vegan cheese saucepull out the Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker, throw all the ingredients in there, and let it cook on low for a few hours. That’s it! So ladies while you’re letting this dip simmer in the Crock-Pot®, you can take your time getting all dolled up for whatever holiday event you’re going to. As I’ve said in my previous posts about using a slow-cooker, not only does it save you time and acts as the ideal assistant chef, it allows for all the flavors of your recipe to really marinate and blend together. Now let’s talk nutrition because knowing how this recipe benefits our beauty and wellness just *excites* me! 

To break it down, you’ll be getting iron from the spinach which helps boost oxygen flow throughout the body. Zinc which is an acne fighting mineral, chlorophyll which is a great anti-inflammatory phytochemical, and fiber to keep things movin’ in your gut.

You’ll be getting a dose of vitamin b12 from the nutritional yeast (which if you eat a primarily plant-based diet, it’s hard to come by from veggies), it also has a decent amount of protein and folic acid which is a beauty boosting b vitamin by promoting new cell development. And last but not least, you’ll also be getting a good amount of healthy fats from the cashews! So I’m not messing around with this dip, it’s delicious and packed with good for you nutrients. 


Dairy Free Spinach Artichoke Kale Dip



  • 1 (10 oz) package of frozen spinach – defrosted
  • 1 (10 oz) package of frozen kale – defrosted
  • 1 (10 oz) package of frozen artichoke hearts – defrosted
  • 1 tbsp onion powder of 1 small onion diced
  • 2 garlic cloves or 2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 cup of vegan Parmesan cheese
  • 2 cups of cashew cheese (recipe link is here)
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Create the cashew cheese according to recipe directions here
  2. Thaw all of the frozen veggies
  3. Add the spinach, artichoke, and kale into the  Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker. Fold in the cashew cheese, and top with the vegan parmesan cheese. Stir everything together to blend the ingredients well and cook on high heat for about 1.5 to 2 hours. The cool thing about using the Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker though is that there are automated smart cooking settings to help you out if you’re using it for the first time. 

And that’s it! A 3 step recipe for your next holiday party. How easy is that?! 

Sponsored post by Mirum Shopper and Crock-Pot®. All opinions are my own.

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