Here’s How You Can Obtain Success By Stepping Up Your Social Skills

find success by being social

Some people seem more sociable than others, but did you know that human beings are social by nature? And just like any other skill, you can train yourself to be more social and to achieve more success in the future. When we talk about success we refer to achieving the action within a specific time frame. 

Being social and being a more successful, happier person goes hand in hand because of our social nature. For instance, kids are always fearless even in social situations. They are not afraid to meet strangers and not worried about whatever they come across. But as we grow up, we develop insecurities and we tend to listen to other voices on how we’re supposed to act. This becomes a habit and the next thing you know,being social becomes more difficult. We are then forced to learn how to be social again.

If you suffer from being anti-social, but you want to be social and successful, we’ve got your back. This guide will help you become social and make the process easier. But before diving into the social tips, let’s look at the qualities of a successful person.

Qualities Of a Successful Person

Everyone wants to be successful in this world. If you want to experience this in your life, you should work on improving yourself as much as possible. A successful person seems to enjoy benefits and privileges which this life has to offer.  Talk about the famous billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs and more, every successful person should have these qualities.

  •  Self-drive: If you want to be successful, you must have the determination to work harder than others. Take charge and drive yourself with the purpose to achieve greater things.
  • Patience: If you want to achieve success, you must be willing to be patient. Understand that in everything you do, there are bound to be failures and frustrations.
  •  Self-confidence: If you trust yourself, there is no doubt that you will be able to achieve more. Self-confidence is all the drive you need to elevate you to success.
  •  Sociable: Most people try to achieve everything at once which is not the best approach when itcomes to being sociable. It is important to approach this process with caution and take it one day at a time. Focus on making progress and eventually, you will be more self-aware, confident and approachable.
  • Risk-Takers: Successful people defy all fears to take some bigger risks than their superstitions. What we want to achieve depends on our actions, and taking calculated risks leads us to our ultimate goal: to be successful.


How To Become More Sociable

Here are some tips on how to be more outgoing in your social life.

  • Initiate conversation: Practice the art of initiating conversation especially in social gatherings. Look for someone who is outgoing and take a closer look at how they interact. If you attend a party or gathering, introduce yourself to a few people to practice talking to others. Simplicity is important. So next time you’re at  an event, smile, shake hands and ask people questions.
  • Be charismatic: Outgoing people are able to exude charisma. They are confident about themselves which is an attractive trait to other people. When you speak to others, you realize that your personality starts to shine even more. This may be overwhelming at first but this is what will attract others to you. Yajur Veda said, “Attractiveness and magnetism of a man’s personality are the results of his inner radiance.” So, if you give a story, make it funny and exciting by using voice inflection and your hands to highlight the exciting points. In the end, people will find it easier to connect with you.
  • Be interested:  Most people get it wrong when they first meet especially when they start talking about their exciting vacation, latest promotion, new car, and so on. Actually, such a conversation is boring and resentful just listening to these blow-by- blow accounts. Instead, take a great interest in knowing what is happening in the lives of others and initiate a conversation about it. Make them feel special while you interact.
  • Engage with others:  Another interesting trait that most successful people share is that they develop an interest in others. They always maintain eye contact during conversation and match the emotion of the other person. Also, they will ask the right questions just to get the other person interested in the conversation and make them smile.Furthermore, no one needs a smile as much as a person who fails to give one. Practice active listening skills by standing upright, maintaining eye contact and listening for extra points that will keep the conversation flowing naturally.
  • Appreciate people: Naturally, people want to spend time with others. But the other person must express a certain interest to want to know you even more. As Aesop says, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” Showing others that you care and smile a lot when you meet them will spark a certain interest in them and they will be willing to open up and speak with you. Being kind to others will earn their trust and respect and they will find it easy flowing in a conversation.
  • Look for new ways to be social:  If you want to be great in social skills, you need to be around others. Join sports teams, social clubs, and attend meetings regularly. In these places, you are likely to bump into one or two people who will initiate a conversation and you will get to learn how to engage with them without feeling left out.As Joe Morgan said, “I believe you learn social skills by mixing with people.” In fact, there are several ways to do this. In schools, churches, or clubs, they offer plenty of activities that you can engage in. 


How Social Skills Help Us Achieve Our Goals

When you become social, then achieving your goals becomes easier. There are certain tricks that can help achieve great success and reach your goals. Here is how:

  • Set a key goal:  Most people make the mistake of trying to achieve multiple goals at once. Similarly, they want to see immediate progress. This is quite unrealistic. A good approach is to identify a key goal and develop a habit of working towards achieving that goal. Begin and end the day with meditation and set a list of objectives you need to achieve at the end of the day.
  • Find out what motivates you:  According to Napoleon Hill, in his novel Think And Grow Rich, he writes that “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” So, if you want to achieve a certain goal, become motivated about your desire for achievement. Knowing the main reason as to why you want to achieve a certain goal, whether it is moving to a bigger suite or financial freedom, it is important to reach your desired result.
  • Keep track of your progress:  As important as it is to write your goals down on a piece paper, it is vital to keep a regular track of the progress you have made everyday. You can do this with the help of apps for accountability, a goal tracking worksheet, or any other method of your own. There are so many user-friendly apps to track the progress of your activities using real-time data. The main goal is to track your goal progress and note where you are and where you need to adjust before the next check-in.So, as you work on developing or improving your social skills, keep in mind that the above tips will guide you step by step in knowing what you need to become more sociable. Being sociable means being a great speaker and practicing this skills to achieve what you want in life. A combination of sociable skills and success traits can also help you achieve your goals. The change will not happen overnight but with this guide, you can be sure you are on the right track in achieving your dream goals. Good luck!

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Jessica Freeman is a professional journalist and a devoted freelance content writer from Australia. She enjoys writing, traveling, and learning new things. Read about college life and find great writing tips on her blog for students. 

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