Momma Cuisine: I’m a Balanced Babe and .. I Found Self-Love & Strength Through a Period of Rejection

Johanna Cook of Momma Cuisine is a gal who warms my heart every time I get to see her. She is a a fabulous entrepreneur, a mother to three beautiful kids (hence her brand name Momma Cuisine), and she turned her blog into an engaging brand that resonates with moms and really just women all over the world.

momma cuisine

Johanna created Momma Cuisine in 2009 and launched it with her own cooking show, “In The Kitch With Momma Cuisine”. She’s been featured on Huff Post Live, AOL on, American Airlines and so much more. She even has her own TV channel on ROKU! 

I wanted to interview Johanna because like everyone, she has to balance work, life, health and her family. I’ve also noticed that she is looking better than ever *yassss girl!* so I naturally had to pick her brain about her new wellness transformation. Johanna discusses what inspired her to make wellness and a balanced babe lifestyle a bit more of a priority, her advice for women who are going through or are getting ready to go through change in life, and everything in between. Read on to get some major inspiration. Oh and I’m also going to leave a few of her food photos here and there throughout the post because – *yum*. 

momma cuisine

Johanna Cook of Momma Cuisine: How I Found Self-Love & Success Through A Time of Transition.

BB: You have a stellar blog and brand that is authentic, genuine, and relatable. Was there a particular moment during your blogging career that  catapulted your success?

I cannot think of one particular moment. I would say that it is a series of small moments that have helped me to build the Momma Cuisine and continue to grow it. When people think of success, I think many assume it’s one BOOM. I think true success is a consistent series of smaller events that build up to what the outside sees a “moment”. 

BB: You are also on a recent wellness journey, what inspired that and what is your current routine?

It was during my divorce and these huge life changes that I realized that I need to take care of myself from the inside out. Spiritual and mental wellness is just as, if not even more important than physical wellness. No amount of abs can make you a joyful person in your heart. I realized that so many people just go through the motions of life without fully looking at themselves and the impact they have on themselves and especially their loved ones. I am a more mindful mother, business-woman, friend, lover because of what I have been through and I think I am a much better person than I was 2 years ago…or ever. Growth happens when you first look at yourself. 

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BB: What advice do you have for other women that are going through a transitional period in their life? 

My advice is not to isolate themselves. When we are going through life, we only want to show people how amazing our life is. We never want to show the hardships of life. Even on Facebook, when people share their struggles, they are seen as always “bitching” or airing out their laundry. Well in fact, life isn’t always sunsets and beach selfies. Life has struggles and to get through the hardships and transitions, we need our support system. Find those who love you unconditionally and make them your fortress in your time of need. That’s what family and real friends are for. Use them when you need them. 

BB: What have you learned about self-love in the past year? 

I have learned that when people treat you badly, and even when you treat people badly, it’s less about them and more about how you’re feeling and vise versa. To love yourself is to understand all your beauty as well as your faults. You will only grow and become a much wiser, empathetic, kinder, stronger person if you first understand your faults, admit them, and learn from them. Do not let people’s rejection of you make you feel like a failure. Failure is in a person who stops growing and blames other people for their actions. That’s real failure. As long as you keep learning and growing, you are succeeding in life. 

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BB: Have you ever failed? If so, share how you learned and overcame this failure. 

Ohhhhh yes. More than failing, I have been rejected a lot. We see rejection as failure. A failed marriage, a client who didn’t sign with you, a project that wasn’t as well received as you had hoped. That feeling of rejection is easily seen as failure on our part. I have realized that rejection is not my failure. All I do is keep on moving forward and sooner or later, the right time, people and place and moment — it becomes even better than I had imagined it at first.

BB: What is one thing that you wished someone would ask you? 

Not so much what they would ask me, but the last year and half, I wish I heard more often, “I understand you”.

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BB: Back to your wellness journey, how do you live the Balanced Babe lifestyle?

It took me many, many years before I figured this out. I still think that I am always re-adjusting balancing it all because life is always changing, especially with 3 kids! One of the greatest things I have learned in balancing it all is to realize that there truly is a time for everything. During dinner, emails can wait. During work time, the laundry can wait. During family time, put the phone away. It has helped me focus on what I am actually doing, be present and really take in the experience of each event and help me to be less all over the place. 

BB: What do you do once a week for your health?

Oh man, I need to get a lot better at this. Just like in my career, instead of just once a week, I have cut down a lot on my portion sizes throughout the week and becoming more mindful of what and how I snack. Working from home, it’s so easy to rip open a family-size bag of chips and soda and actually finish it! LOL.

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BB: What does your typical meal plan look like?

I don’t have a typical meal plan, I guess. But I know what my kids like and I know the things I want them to try and I know what I want to eat! During each week, I plan to cook almost everyday except on days I know we have a lot of activities after school or traveling over the summer. I keep my meals simple and as fresh as possible. We have our staples that we absolutely love at home that I know I can whip up and the kids will eat it no matter what. Those recipes are always great to have in your back pocket. I always have the ingredients of my families favorite meals available. 

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BB: What is your morning routine?

During the school year, I wake up at 5:30am and I spend half an hour reading the Bible and praying. That’s my morning meditation. Then get up to make breakfast at 6:00am. The kids wake up at 6:30-6:45am and I help the little ones get ready. While they are eating breakfast, I make their home lunch and one by one, send them off to school. Over the summer it’s a lot more relaxed. I let them sleep in and I keep my morning meditation routine pretty much the same, but I stay in bed much longer, which is a luxury I am not afraid to take advantage of!

BB: What do you wish you knew?

I wish I knew my worth a lot younger. I married young, started a family, bought a home, started a business all before I was 30 years old. Even with all those accomplishments, I put my worth in a person. When that person decided this wasn’t the life they wanted anymore, I questioned my worth to the very core of me. It was a very hard and sad year and a half. Eventually, with the help of God and my loved ones, I realized that my worth is not in any person, or what people perceive me to be. It’s a lesson I want all my children to know and understand about themselves at an early age.