The Balanced Babe Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015


Everyone wants to lead a Balanced Babe lifestyle, even your mama! You’ve probably given her flowers and chocolates the past couple years which is why its time to spice it up a bit. I’ve searched the web and stumbled upon pretty rad balanced gift ideas for mom this Mother’s Day. From natural perfumes to plant-based face creams, we’ve got you covered with our Balanced Babe Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2015:


1 – Pour Le Monde Empower perfume: I received this citrus-y and energizing scent last week and have been spraying it on myself every couple of hours. Any mother on Mother’s Day loves to feel pampered, and this all natural perfume will send her on a blissful sensory ride to contentment. Pour Le Monde also works with various charities with every bottle that is sold. Not only are you gifting a fabulous scented perfume for mom, you are helping the world! 



2 – YASOU skin care night and day cream: I can’t say better things about this plant-based and natural line of skin creams. I have been using this set of face creams for the past month and a half and my skin is looking opulent. Seriously, Chicago is going through a transitional season currently which typically wreaks havoc on my face. With the help of YASOU my skin is maintaining its glow.


photo source: cooked chicago

3 – Cooked Chicago: Sometimes moms need a break from cooking, which is why you should totally order them a week’s worth of Cooked Chicago. I recently tried Cooked myself and am totally in love. You can choose from vegan or vegetarian options on their website (of course I choose vegetarian because of my love for cheese). I’ve tried a good deal of meal delivery services in the past, and let me tell you that this one is on point. Their presentation is unblemished and their food is very tasty. I’ve been put off lately by some meal deliveries that just plop down a patty and some sauce on the side in their packages. Makes me think of high school cafeteria meets frozen TV dinner, but Cooked makes the effort to entice their customers with delicious looking cuisine!



4 – Parachute Bedding: Moms need their beauty sleep too! Parachute bedding is made with fine Egyptian cotton and is manufactured in Tuscany. We tried one of their pillow cases and felt like we were dreaming on a grandeur pillow all night. 


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5 – Feng Shui Gift Certificate: Have someone come over and show mama how to arrange her house for peace and balanced energy flow. If your mom is like my mom, she spent a lot of your young life cleaning up after you as you tornado-ed around the house with animal figurines and cat makeup.. is that just me? oh..


6 – Angel Cards: Moms love reading inspirational quotes. If they aren’t on Pinterest all day, they have at some point in their life bought affirmation cards. Send them a set of angel cards which can be short and sweet sayings or words that they use to set the tone of their day.


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