Cleansing Mung Bean Spinach Soup Recipe


I’ve been cooking a lot with legumes lately and made my first recipe with mung beans last week. Mung beans contain iron, magnesium, folate, phenol and other compounds that may prevent chronic disease and obesity. I whipped up a mung bean spinach soup to help reset my gut after the holidays, and now I can’t get enough!

It also tastes pretty delicious when used in stews and soups, so naturally I made a batch big enough to feed myself and my beau for a week. 

Mung bean soup is also an Ayurvedic recipe that is said to help balance all three of your doshas, and will help you cleanse. A lot of folks actually go on a mung bean soup cleanse for a week straight and have reported that it helped them lose weight, clear up toxins, and feel lighter. I made my own version of mung bean soup and added onions, spinach, and coconut oil instead of ghee butter. It turned out to be scrumptious:

Mung Bean Spinach Soup

Mung Bean and Spinach Soup

Total Time: 30 minutes

Number of servings: 2

Per Serving 967 calories

Fat 18 g

Carbs 148 g

Protein 68 g



  • 2 cups mung beans (I used sprouted mung beans)
  • 3 cups spinach
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil (I used Vita Coco coconut oil)
  • 3 cups water
  • 2 bouillons of vegetable stock
  • 2 tsp of turmeric
  • 1/2 a white onion diced
  • 3 cloves of garlic minced
  • himalayan salt and pepper for seasoning
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • dried basil
  • pinch of cayenne pepper


  1. Heat olive oil in a large pan and saute the onion and garlic until translucent.
  2. Add the cups of water, mung beans, and bouillon cubes and cook until the mung beans are tender
  3. Bring to a boil and then add the spinach, nutritional yeast, and the rest of the seasonings
  4. Simmer for about 25 minutes
  5. Pour into a food processor or blender, puree the mixture, then serve


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