Passport To Healthy Skin Tour Recap


Fun in the sun is nothing new to Chicago residents lately, but the event hosted by Popsugar and Simple Skin Care was a refreshing breath of fresh air! On Saturday June 7th, we had the opportunity to attend the Passport to Healthy Skin Tour, which featured an array of activities all dedicated to the education and enhancement of  stronger, healthier skin and body. Each activity presented a new tip to attaining healthier skin. By answering questions and hashtagging the event, each participant was awarded with a stamp which resulted in receiving a wonderful gift bag full of products!

Our favorite highlights: healthy detox and food featuring avocado, hummus & green tea; beauty with Simple Skin Care, fitness with Yoga Loft Chicago, and rest and relaxation with complimentary massages. It wouldn’t be a Balanced Babe covered event, if we didn’t provide you guys with an awesome health tip! Did you know that avocado has the powerful effect to evenly moisture our skin inside and out? So  not only is it super tasty to eat, but it’s super smart to use! The event was jam packed, and the decor was beautiful. It is easy to forget how important it is to take care of our skin for the future, but thanks to Popsugar it should be a breeze! Check out more information on or


Written by: Khadijah McGill

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