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You’ve heard about this type of breakout before, we’ve done videos on it, I’ve talked about various ways to clear hormonal acne naturally, but sometimes you need to take measures into a professional’s hands and see an esthetician or dermatologist. 

So today we’re asking Rachel Kwall of The Geldner Center about what measures to take when you experience a breakout like this, and the types of procedures to look into if you’ve tried all your home remedies to no avail. Rachel is one of our newest Balanced Babe beauty expert contributors and  medical esthetician who specializes in services such as microneedling, ultherapy, chemical peels, photofacials, and more. 

How To Handle Cystic Acne With Rachel Kwall of The Geldner Center 

BB: What steps do you recommend taking when a new cystic pimple pops up on your face?

Rachel: Never try to squeeze the pimple or pop it, especially with a needle or other device that you think will puncture the blemish. Cystic pimples are deep and most of the time can not be extracted, even by a professional. The best thing to do is stick to your normal skincare routine and make sure it includes a nightly salicyic serum. If it’s reoccurring, talking to your OBGYN about starting birth control to regulate your hormones is also an option. 

BB: What types of over the counter products do you recommend for treating cystic acne?

Rachel: If it’s reoccurring cystic acne it could be your hormones. You might have an imbalance and could need to be on an oral medication to help even them out. Birth control is mainly used for this but another popular medicine is spirolactiin. Your doctor will decide what the best option is for you. 

Exfoliation is important for any skincare routine but especially if you are prone to breakouts. Dead skin, dirt and debris can accumulate and become activity on the face. My favorite salicylic serum to help prevent blemishes is Blemish and Age by Skinceuticals. 

BB: What types of laser treatments or non-invasive treatments could help calm down a cystic pimple?

Rachel: Blue light treatment is always great for people prone to breakouts. The blue light kills the bacteria preventing further breakouts. This should be done in a series to yield the best results. 

I also recommend chemical peels, the VI Purify peel is great for lifting dead skin that is clogging pores and is filled with anti-bacterial ingredients to kill whatever might be assisting in the breakouts. One other plus, it is cruelty free!

BB: What types of treatments work for acne scarring?

Rachel: I always tell my patients we should treat the breakouts first then we can easily deal with the scars. For divited acne scars I love a good microneedling treatment. This treatment, done in a series, will help collagen production and force the divits to plump up. This will create a smoother appearance and diminish the look of poc marks. 

If it is pigmentation we can move forward with a photofacial, which pulls the pigment to the surface, or a series of chemical peels to help the skin cells turn over and encourage spots to fade. 

BB: How can we prevent acne scarring?

Rachel: DO NOT PICK. Point blank. 

BB: Are there any home remedies you’ve tried for acne scaring or taming a pimple?

Yes, tea tree oil! I love to fill a spray bottle with 2/3 distilled water and 1/3 tea tree oil. I spray it on a cotton pad and use it as a toner. I also really love argan oil as a moisturizer, it is made of the same fatty acids our skin is made of so it won’t make you break out. 

Editors note: Rachel has been working on my skin to help decrease and prevent blemishes, clear up old blemish scars and to prevent signs of aging. Stay tuned for more articles in the near future documenting this whole process and recommended non-invasive procedures that can help you too! 

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