Entrepreneurial Tips from Smooth 8 Founder & CEO


Big news Balanced Babes – I am getting really excited for the launch of our BeHealthful Box at our March 22nd Retreat in Chicago. While it won’t be available to the public until June, we are giving our attendees a first peek at what type of brands and products they can expect to get in our new subscription box. That’s right Balanced Babe readers, you can now try all the cool products that we write about and love! 

Since I am all about promoting and helping brands and businesses within the wellness industry grow, I’m getting really excited about this new venture through the Balanced Babe brand. One of the products that we are providing in our first box at our retreat is an awesome product that alkalizes your water, Smooth 8.

Anything that helps purify what we put in our bodies is on my radar, and I was even able to pick the brain of the founder and CEO, Keven Suttle.  Keven dished on some of his entrepreneurial tips which is crucial for any of you readers who are starting your own practice or venture to read! 

BB: What inspired you to become entrepreneurs, and especially the vision of creating Smooth 8?  

I have known my business partners since our early 20’s. We always talked of creating a business together, working together to build something for ourselves. When the opportunity came knocking, we seized it and that’s how Smooth 8 was born. With this product, we felt we had the chance to provide people with a clean, natural way to improve their health and daily lives. 

 BB:  What was the hardest part about the initial start-up?
Funding was the toughest part. Most investment funds focus on technological innovation, not consumables for health and wellness. But what everyone should realize is that without health, everything else falls to the side. Getting funding is what can enable you to start marketing your product more efficiently, build your credibility as a brand, pay for staff and increase your sales. 
BB: What is some advice you have for entrepreneurs that are looking to bring on investors?
Build a serious business plan, have professional sales materials and website, know where you want to go. Don’t start going to see investors too early, when all you have is an idea. You may get turned down and may lose your motivation. So start by building a complete package with the relevant research and market analysis before you take it to investors. 
BB: How big a part does social media play in growing your business?
 Social media is an integral part of our marketing strategy. Social media has helped us define our target demographics, grow our fan base & build brand credibility. Thanks to peer to peer shares from influencers in the wellness sphere, it has also helped us grow our sales. 

BB: Any advice for our would-be entrepreneurs who want to enter the health & wellness industry?

 The best advise I can give is to make sure you have the right team to work on this project with you. A team who believes in the vision of your company. You can’t do it alone. I would have never made it this far without the support I received. Take your time, make sure you have the fan base and make sure you can back your product up with science.



 If you are attending our next BeHealthful Retreat, let us know what you think of Smooth 8 in your BeHealthful Box!


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