Stuck in the Loop of Chronic Illness?

Chronic illness can be debilitating to much more than our physical wellbeing. It can drain our joy, limit our ability to adapt and respond to stress as well as cloud our mental clarity. Approaching healing from a holistic perspective is paramount for sustainable shifts of healing to take place. We have an infinite and an innate capacity to transform the places of pain, dis-ease and disharmony to places of wisdom, empowerment and vibrancy. If you are struggling with a chronic illness, mark today as day one of reclaiming your health, vitality and joy

You Will Need:

Tangible Items: Journal, Pen, Your favorite pure essential oil

Intangible Items: A quiet space, radical self honesty, positive intention

The Potency of Presence 

Your loving, gentle presence is powerfully transformative. Prepare a quiet space where you can devote your full attention and intention to YOU. Soft music, a lighted candle, a warm cup of herbal tea all will create a nurturing environment for this journey inward. 

Essential Oil Alchemy

As the most potent form of plant medicine, essential oils represent the quintessence of  aromatic plants. Biochemically active, they offer versatile healing properties. Their lipid soluble nature allows them to pass through the blood-brain barrier offering their phytonutrients to heal, nourish and regenerate our physicality. These essential oils allow us to clear and repattern old emotional responses to create a healthier mental-emotional outlook on life. 


Our attention and intention generates the flow of creative energy. Our primary relationship is with ourselves. It is a driver of our life experiences. Any unresolved emotional experiences we carry throughout our lives generate our intention at a subconscious level. Inviting radical self honesty into our life equation, allows us to objectively identify places of both positive and negative intention that exist within us. We can then focus our love, compassion and forgiveness on ourselves. This practice heals at profound levels and allows us to create a new story of health and wellbeing for our futures. 

Self Healing Ceremony

After you have prepared your sacred space, sit with your journal. Apply a drop of your chosen essential oil to the palm of your left hand, rub your palms together and breathe deeply for 30-45 seconds while inviting in the clarity of your intention. What is it that you would like to heal, transform, release, or create?

On your next breath, consider any places of resistance that stop you from healing and claiming your greatness. These could relate to old memories, feelings of disharmony, negative self talk and patterns held at the subconscious level.  Jot down a few sentences or words that come to you. Then hold it all in love and compassion. Bless every part of you that has brought you perfectly to this moment of greater self awareness and deep healing. 

Then take a few more breaths of the oil left on your hands and call forth the presence and support of your higher self. Envision your intentions as fully formed creations and allow yourself to feel the emotions of gratitude and joy. Allow yourself to fill each one of the trillions of cells within your body with these uplifting feelings. Close with a breath of gratitude for all that you are and all that you have brought into this world to transform and create. You can work with this affirmation or create your own.  “I honor the infinite light within me.”

Consider that sustainable healing invites us to address both our inner and outer being. If you have a chronic illness, medical testing and diagnosis is a key component in your healing journey. The right nutrition and exercise are also imperative. Reflecting on your relationships, career, home life and the overall nature of your environment in relation to harmony and balance are also a primary contributor to our overall health and wellbeing. 

You are the creator and master of your destiny. May it be filled with beauty, vibrancy and joy. 

I celebrate you in claiming your greatness and thriving in your best life, starting right now!

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