The Latest Supplement Wellness Fanatics Are Taking To Boost Metabolism


One of the top questions I receive daily: how the EFF do I boost my metabolism?

I hear ya, babes, I do! It’s one of the top health/fitness goals of the century: how to boost your metabolism.

As you know when we age, our metabolism starts to decrease which means more hustling, more work spent being active, and eating specific foods or consuming specific ingredients in order to keep our internal system churning at an optimal speed.

Since I’m always trying research everything and anything in the wellness space, I decided to do some more research on additional ways to boost your metabolism. I came upon a source that describes a specific molecule, called OEA (short for oleoylethanolamide), and how it is used as a supplement to support healthy weight management and metabolism levels.

My ears perked up like my fur baby tater and I dove deep into the interweb chronicles to find out out. Here’s the lowdown on this new trending wellness supplement:

What is OEA?

OEA is a molecule that is made naturally in your intestines, and is also found in small amounts in animal and plant sources. It plays a pretty interesting role in your digestive system, and is very active in our bodies throughout the day. Here’s how it’s supposed to work.

  • OEA activates fat-burning capabilities all while preventing increased fat storage in our bodies.  OEA levels naturally increase after you eat telling your body that you don’t need to consume more, or essentially turning your appetite “off”.
  • I also found a study from the University of California that showed the effects of OEA to prolong interval between two consequetive meals, in mice and burn fat more efficiently .
  • It is also shown to suppress appetite and lower blood lipid levels in animal models, which has lead it to the development of a new popular supplement called RiduZone to help individuals burn fat naturally while boosting metabolism.
  • It also naturally regulates our cholesterol levels!

I also spoke with Dr. Jay N. Yepuri
(A Board Certified Gastroenterologist and Chief Medical Officer of NutriForward, LLC) about OEA and he confirmed that the effects that OEA has on our metabolism, appetite and weight management are established in scientific literature. On top of healthy weight management, OEA has also been shown to have positive effect on oxidative stress levels!

So what do you think of this new and popular supplement? RiduZone is the only FDA acknowledged, safe, supplement of OEA.  If you want to learn more about how OEA may help,you, hop on over to RiduZone’s page. They have more additional resources to check out for yourself!

Just as with any new type of ingredient or supplement, always consult your physician first before trying anything new, and as usual – this information is for entertainment and education purposes only.


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