3pm Slump Hitting Hard? Try These 10 Remedies

natural remedies to beat afternoon slump

Feeling drowsy mid way through your day? Especially on Mondays, getting back into the swing of things can be a drag. But here’s some good news – instead of reaching for that coffee cup at 3:00pm, read on about some natural remedies that you can treat yourself to for one of those mid-day pick me ups!

Get your workout in, in the morning:

By hitting the gym in the morning, you are giving yourself extra energy to push through that afternoon dip in energy levels. Here’s a study that discusses how morning exercise can improve your physical and mental clarity for the day.

Ditch the grains and wheat until later in the day:

A lot of times you fall into the afternoon slump because of grain or refined carbohydrate consumption at breakfast or lunch. When we eat large portions of refined carbs, our blood sugar spikes and then crashes causing us to feel fatigued. So make sure your breakfast and lunch consists of primarily protein and fat – and get your carbohydrate sources from vegetables instead of pasta or bread. 

Switch up your task or move every 30 minutes:

If you’ve been working on the same thing for 5 hours and haven’t changed spots, this might be a reason why you feel drowsy. Try working on a different task or get up and change the scenery in order to stay stimulated and ready to tackle a new project. Go for a walk outside to get stimulation from vitamin D or take your laptop (if you have the luxury to do so) and work in a different area of the office or wherever your work base is.  

Guzzle fluids:

Most of the time, we feel exhausted because our bodies are actually suffering from dehydration. Being dehydrated can have many sleepy side effects, but don’t let it get to you! Sip on water continuously throughout the day to ensure that when you are feeling drowsy, that it’s not from lack of hydration. 

Try a 10 minute meditation, or listen to music for 10 minutes to reset your mind:

When we’ve been staring at a screen all day, or are sitting at a cubicle (or really just sitting in general) – our mind can become fogged and then by 3pm it seems impossible to focus or be productive. To help you reset your mind, try a 10 minute mini meditation or listen to music that makes you zone out for at least 10 minutes so that you can give your mind a literal rest from thinking or being creative. 

Apply and use stimulating essential oils:

Essential oils can play a major role in our daily routines, including the afternoon slump. We always keep stimulating essential oils at our desks like peppermint, lemon, and eucalyptus and inhale them as needed to give us an extra pep in our step. Peppermint oil especially has been linked to improving mental stimulation. 

Eat smaller meals throughout the day:

Everyone is different, but for those of us that easily fall into the afternoon slump, try eating smaller more frequent meals throughout the day. Eating large dense meals high in carbohydrates and fat can make you feel especially fatigued and will require energy to metabolize and break it down. 

Set up your tasks to harmonize with your energy levels:

If you are practicing body awareness, you will start to notice the times of the day when you feel alert and productive, and the times of the day when you can’t seem to focus on anything. Align your daily tasks with your energy levels and get projects done that require a lot of brain power during the time of day where you are feeling most alert. 

Be aware of your magnesium levels:

If you’re trying all of these tips and still can’t seem to beat the slump, try getting your magnesium levels checked. Magnesium helps assist with the proper functioning of our adrenal glands which plays a major role in whether we feel alert or not. You can get magnesium through foods like dark leafy greens, nuts, avocados and bananas. 

Drink some straight up green juice:

Nothing will give you a natural energy boost like raw living foods in a bottle. Organic green juice filled with vegetables will give you electrolytes, hydration, and a slew of vitamins / minerals to help you feel and stay alert all day long.

Regardless of whichever remedy you try, and whichever one works for you, we know you will find a way to beat that afternoon slump!

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