6 Ways To Use Eucalyptus For Health And Beauty

benefits of eucalyptus

If you’re looking for a mini escape from life to feel like you’re in an herbal spa and want to zone out your screaming toddler who won’t put on pants (or the mental replay in your head of your boss who’s on your @ss about minute details), then you need some eucalyptus in your life. Here’s why:

What is Eucalyptus?

Being from the tree species, eucalyptus hails from Tasmania, Australia and surrounding islands. There are hundreds are various species of eucalyptus, but only two are used for medicinal purposes. These two eucalyptus plants are what you’ll find in your local aromatherapy shop or even in a flower market.

Benefits of eucalyptus

When used as an essential oil, eucalyptus has many different purposes and properties:

+ soothes pain

+ antioxidant & anti-inflammatory

+ help clear out respiratory mucus buildup and coughs

+ can soothe a sore throat

+ soothes headaches

+ boosts the immune system by fighting fungal, viral and bacterial infections

+ helps relieve stress and improves mental clarity

6 Ways to Use Eucalyptus

+ Healing ointments: You can mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil with a tiny block of beeswax. Melt the beeswax then add the oil and you can add this to cuts and scrapes as needed.

+ Invigorating body butter: You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a mixing bowl with shae butter or cocoa butter, warm up the mixture a bit with your hands, then blend with a whisk until the ingredients are well mixed. You can also add a bit of coconut oil to this mixture to make it a bit more watery. You

+ Cleaning products: I love adding essential oils to my cleaning products. When I’m creating a multi purpose cleanser I’ll mix together 2 cups  water, 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar, 20 drops eucalyptus oil *you can also do a various blend of essential oils*

+ Vapor rubs: Eucalyptus essential oil can help with respiratory congestion as well as help boost your immune system by stimulating the circulation in your respiratory system and opening/activating nasal pathways. This is why it’s so commonly used in steam rooms (since steam also helps clear out your chest/nose). You can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a carrier oil like almond oil or jojoba and rub it on your chest for a natural vapor rub to help clear out congestion.

+ shower steam (with real hanging eucalyptus): I’m all about turning my bath into a sanctuary and making it look like a spa. I get fresh eucalyptus branches and tie them with a hair tie around my shower head, turn the water on hot and let the bathroom steam up for about 5 minutes before I hop in. This creates a DIY “steam room” infused with eucalyptus!

+ Congestion clearer, headache soother, energy boosting aromatherapyIf you have a diffuser at home, you can add drops of eucalyptus oil to your diffuser and reap the various benefits! By breathing it in, you can loosen up congestion, calm any head pressure or headaches, and feel a nice energy lift. Some studies show that when inhaled via aromatherapy you are stimulating your immune system and respiratory circulation. If you have a bad cough, you can also apply a few drops to the back of your neck and chest as a DIY chest vapor rub.

BUT – a word of caution!

You should *not* consume eucalyptus oil internally. It should only be used topically or via aromatherapy. You should also consider diluting your oil with a carrier oil before using it on your skin.


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