7 Ways To Stay Happy In A Long-Distance Relationship

long-distance relationship

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you know how hard and frustrating it can be to live far away from your special someone. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it also causes a whole lot of heartache. While it’s definitely a tricky beast to tackle, it is possible to remain in a healthy and happy relationship even with hundreds or maybe thousands of miles between you.

long-distance relationship

Planned Visits

The best thing you can do if you’re in a long-distance relationship is to plan visits to see each other. Whether it’s a biweekly or monthly thing, planning visits means having something to look forward to, and it, of course, gives you more time together. If possible, trade off so that neither of you puts out more money or effort than the other for a fair situation. You can also instead have a midway meet up spot. This makes the travel equal for the both of you, and will create a new memory spot for your relationship. Use a discounted travel website like Hotwire.com to save money and make your frequent travels much more affordable.

long-distance relationships

Avoid Incessant Texting

Texting can turn into communication spam. It’s natural to want to check in on your partner and know how his day is going, but don’t expect to speak to him every minute of every hour—it’s not healthy, and it will eventually cause resentment, from one or both of you. A good morning and good night are essentials, but in between, make the communication more surprising and unique. It will keep things fresh and prevent either of you from missing out on your present surroundings, which may include meeting new friends and having a good time even if you can’t be with your favorite person at the moment.

long-distance relationship

Surprise Gifts

Sending your guy some awesome gifts can help you let him know you’re missing and thinking of him. Grab something from a modern men’s shop to arrive on his doorstep for a wonderful surprise he won’t see coming. Consider grabbing him something like a modern art piece—every time he passes his new painting he’ll think of you. If money is tight, you can also send him some of his favorite cookies in a box. The thought is definitely what counts, and little packages can make a huge impact on his day.

long-distance relationship
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Face to Face

This is a wonderful way to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship. Use the amazing technology available in today’s world and talk to your guy face to face every week. Facetime and Skype make it easy to chat to someone halfway around the world, and you’ll be able to see his expressions—every happy smile when he sees your face, his laughter when you joke, and even his frustrated grimace after a long work day. Don’t discount the benefits facial expression has on communication efforts. If it makes it easier to sleep, chat for 10 minutes before bed a few nights a week—since Skype is free, if you fall asleep, you won’t rack up crazy charges, and you’ll smile when you wake up in the middle of the night and see his sleeping face.

long-distance relationship

Improve Your Trust

Long distance relationships require a ton of trust, and sometimes this is easier said than done. If you’re having a hard time with trust, take some steps to improve it. For example, if he doesn’t feel fully comfortable with you going out to clubs, tell him about your plans beforehand and reassure him—never lie or try to cover up something you know might upset him. You should never limit or restrict yourself from the things that make you happy, but be aware of situations and/or behavior that might give him cause for concern. In a trusting relationship, he will have the same consideration for you. If this is not the case, have an honest and open discussion about the best ways you can make each other more secure in the relationship.

long-distance relationship

The Power of Scent

You’d be amazed at the power scent has. If you’re really missing your guy, have him spritz a healthy dose of his cologne on one of your favorite shirts the next time you see him, and do the same for him with your perfume. Scenting other items like stuffed bears, blankets, or even pillows can provide that extra bit of comfort when you two are really feeling the sting of distance.

long-distance relationship

Love Letters

One more type of communication to consider: love letters. Those romantic poets knew what they were doing, and in today’s world of instant access and communication, getting a letter in the mail instead can feel like winning the lottery. Write him a letter each week, and he’ll be inspired to respond in kind. You can write about your day, plan future dates, or simply write your favorite things about him. It’s the effort—not the content—that matters with this gift.

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