The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Guy

boyfriend gift guide

Christmas is almost here, girls, and if you’re in a relationship you’re probably searching for that picture perfect gift for your dashing dude. This is definitely easier said than done, whether you’re in that weird undefined stage or you’ve been official for a while. I’ve come up with some ideas that your special guy is really going to appreciate this Christmas, no matter if you’ve been dating for a year or just a few weeks.

For the Established Relationship

This holiday gift guide for your guy is for the ladies that have been with their beaus for a good period of time, but peruse them at your leisure no matter what stage you’re in—you never know when you’ll come across the right fit!

boyfriend gift guide


A Visit from His Family

If you and your guy have been together for a while, you should be safe to pursue this idea—especially (and in most cases, only if) you’ve been introduced to his family. If he lives far away from his family and can’t visit them during the holidays or for any other reason, start planning in secret with one or more of his family members. Even if they can’t visit until January, you can present him with a copy of their flight or train info on Christmas or have them waiting to reveal the surprise on Skype. This is a great idea if you live together, as you can put them up in your home, and he’ll be able to look forward to an upcoming visit.

boyfriend gift guide

A Trip Together

For another travel-related gift, plan a dream vacation for the two of you and surprise him with the tickets come Christmas morning. Go behind his back (only for a good cause, of course) and ask his boss if he can have the time you’re planning off. Make sure you give the trips a few months in between to ensure that if the dates don’t work for him for some reason, you can still cancel or reschedule. To take the stress off of planning, consider finding something that’s all- inclusive, like a beach resort in Mexico or a ski trip to Aspen. For cheaper options, consider a road trip to a city a few hours away and book an inexpensive Airbnb.

boyfriend gift ideas

A Scrapbook

Whoever said guys can’t appreciate heartfelt gifts was just wrong. If you’re with a fella who loves looking back at memories as much as you do and has quite the sentimental streak, then a scrapbook could be the perfect present for him. Along with your favorite picture, include old ticket stubs, sweet notes you’ve written to each other, or other sentimental mementos that’ll tug at his manly heartstrings.

For the Newly Minted Couple

For the ladies navigating the treacherous waters of gift-giving in a new relationship, I’ve got some ideas that aren’t overwhelming but still heartfelt for the guy you’re dating.

A Funny Gift with a Special Touch

You can’t go wrong with funny gifts, even in the early throes of a relationship. With something like a personalized beer growler, you can play to his practical side—he’ll be filling this bad boy up every time he goes to his favorite brewery. Adding his name or an inside joke only you two know to the growler’s front will make this present more special—oh, and also have some hangover remedies ready for him.

boyfriend holiday gift guide

Make it Saucy

We know that sending nude photos is a bad idea, but if you trust your guy and want to do something on the saucy side for Christmas, class it up with some boudoir shots that he won’t be able to tear his eyes away from. This idea works for people in any stage of a relationship. If you’re comfortable doing it, and think he would enjoy receiving it (what guy wouldn’t?), then head to a local photographer and have some pictures taken that will make his jaw drop.

boyfriend gift guide

An Adventure Guy

If you’re dating a dude that can’t seem to sit still and is always off adventuring, then you’re going to want to play into that adventurous spirit for his gift. Take him out to race go-carts, rent a couple of ATVs for the day, or accompany him to a skydiving adventure. Picking an event gift like this is a great idea for the guy you’ve only been with for a little while, and it will create another great memory in the early stages of your relationship.

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