Natural Remedies to Beat Hangovers + A Balanced Babe Cocktail


One of the many reasons I love living the Balanced Babe lifestyle is because.. drum-roll.. I don’t have to be perfect 24/7! And guess what, that is so darn liberating. Coming from an industry where I had to be “dieting 100%” or “working on my body shape 100%” was making me obsessive, insecure, and unhealthy. 

So therefore, the obvious way a Balanced Babe lives her life is by balancing wellness with human temptations (sweets, drinks, indulgences). A Balanced Babe is mindful and eats healthy, nutrient dense foods during the week, but doesn’t mind bending the rules and having a glass of wine or tequila on the rocks over the weekend (or two..who’s counting). 

Sometimes we can overdo it with out night out and wake up the next morning with a raaaaging hangover. Mhm girl, no Bueno, but it happens. Because I enjoy my weekend drink, as I’m sure a lot of you do too, I’ve done some research to find what other wellness junkies around the world are doing naturally to cure their hangovers. This is what I found:

Natural Remedies to Beat Hangovers

  • Drink a glass of water in between drinks: Ok, we know obviously you can prevent hangovers completely by not overdoing it, but we are human. A lot of folks drink a glass of water in between alcoholic beverages to keep hydrated, and some believe it helps flush out the alcohol a tad bit quicker.
  • Hydrate the day after: This is crucial when hungover! It is important to re hydrate yourself and consume back all the liquids you lost before. A new trend in Chicago is hydration therapy, which I tried over the winter at IVme. Hydration therapy is an intravenous procedure that delivers fluids, vitamins and nutritional supplements to your blood stream. It is said to help with hangovers greatly (but also for colds and general well being). You can read more about them here.
  • Sip on dandelion root tea: Dandelion root tea is said to help your liver detox. I’ve also read in various articles that it helps shed water weight and keep us feeling “de-puffed” or bloated. 
  • Stay away from greasy foods: I know it’s tempting to rush out the door to get french fries and a big ole’ breakfast sandwich, but going light will not also still help you feel better, but you won’t be pounding your face with high caloric & high glycemic foods. I opt for a veggie burger or I have a bowl of quinoa oatmeal, which typically does the trick.
  • Juice: This one I definitely do. Whenever I get a hangover I juice carrots, 1 apple, 1/2 an orange, a big ole bunch of spinach, and add lemon + filtered water. Not only is this hydrating for me, but I’m getting some great nutrients in my system to give me some extra energy.
  • Ginger Chews: Ginger has been said to help with nausea, so I add two strips of ginger to my morning juice to aid any sick feeling from the night before. 
  • Vitamin B: I take a vitamin B blend the next day after a night of drinking and I’ve noticed an improvement in my energy and general feeling. Vitamin B’s are crucial for specific metabolic functions in our body which can get all jacked up with alcohol. 


Because we are talking about booze here, I couldn’t help but share my current favorite cocktail with you. I mean, the next time you have a drink don’t you want it to be a darn good one? I wouldn’t want to indulge in a drink if it was piddly diddly, thank you very much. 

Balanced Babe’s Bloody Mary

Combine 4 oz of Powell & Mahoney Chipotle Bloody Mary Mix and 1 1/2 oz. of Leaf Vodka. Shake well and top with celery, blue cheese stuffed olives, pickles, artichoke hearts, or whatever else you desire. You have yourself a liquid brunch with a kick.

Of course this is a healthier version of the standard bloody too. Powell & Mahoney’s mix is an all natural cocktail mixer, is gluten-free, and low in calories. You won’t need to add any flavoring to this bad boy. 

I also used Leaf Vodka as my alcohol of choice because 1: It’s organic 2: Because their tagline is “”. If you are going to drink vodka, this one is my choice. It’s smooth and the story behind it is fantastic. 

So there you have it! Remember, a true Balanced Babe knows the importance of the 80/20 rule. Be your best self, but don’t fret when you indulge. What are some of your favorite lighter cocktails?

Main photo source: Leo Hidalgo

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    Thanks for sharing such an informative post Sarah! I have tried many natural remedies you discussed above and it really works.

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