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Hi Balanced Babes!  I’m Javacia Harris Bowser.  I believe every woman has a story and I believe it’s my calling to help women find their voice. Over the years I’ve lived out this calling in a variety of ways. After earning my master’s degree in journalism from UC Berkeley I worked as a reporter in Louisville, Kentucky.  In 2009 I returned to my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama to teach English. In 2011 I founded a networking organization for women writers in Birmingham and later that year I launched my blog WriteousBabe.com to help women writers nationwide.

 BB:  We love your blog name “Writeous Babe”!  You write about faith, family, fashion and fitness.  Are there one or two subjects that stand out more than the others as far as popularity with your readers?

What seems to resonate with my readers most is that I write about these things from a feminist perspective and that I write about feminism in a relatable way. I try to convey that feminism isn’t about abiding by a certain set of rules, but is more of a process. I also blog about writing and the writing life. Those posts are very popular as well. I like to say that my blog seeks to encourage women to write and live a life worth writing about.

 writeous-babe BB:  What are your thoughts on  how women are portrayed in the  media?  And who would you  consider a role model today for  women?

  I think that the portrayal of women  in the media is improving but that we  have a long way to go. It is still rare to  see complex female characters on  television and in movies. 

 I think it can be risky looking to  media for a role model, but, of course,  we all have our favorite celebrities.    My favorite celeb is Beyonce. I love  that she is not only an entertainer but  also a business woman. She shows  that a woman can embrace her  sexuality without being a sexual  object. And she proudly proclaims  herself as a feminist.





BB:  You wrote a blog piece titled “Why I Write” which was inspirational.  Can you give us your thoughts on journaling and its role in empowering women?

 I believe that there is great power in a woman sharing her story and journaling is the first step toward doing so.

BB:  What else keeps you busy when you’re not working on Writeous Babe?

 I am the Founder and CEO of See Jane Write LLC, a network for women writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs in Birmingham. Through See Jane Write I host workshops, seminars, panel discussions, conferences, and social events. I teach English at a local performing arts school and I freelance for a number of local and national media outlets.


BB:  How do you maintain the Balanced Babe lifestyle?

People constantly ask me how I manage to do all the things that I do. In fact, people ask me so much that I recently launched an e-course on time management called How to Write and Have a Life. One of the things I discuss in the e-course is the importance of making a detailed to-do list each day and making sure that this list reflects your values. If your day is filled with activities that don’t align with your values and don’t move you toward your vision for your life you need to make some serious changes to your schedule.

I also strive to always make time for friends, family, and fitness. In 2014 I exercised for at least 30 minutes every single day. This year’s fitness goal is to run 1,200 miles. My husband and I have date night at least twice a month and I hang out with one of my gal pals at least once a week. All work and no play makes me a very grumpy babe.

To read more about Javacia visit her blog at: WriteousBabe.com

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