What Not to Do When Developing a Brand, and More: Social Enjoyments

    This week on our BeHealthful webinar series we have Leah Caplanis, the founder and CEO of Social Enjoyments. Social Enjoyments is an 88 calorie sparkling sake line that tastes GREAT and is gluten-free, low in sugar, and the perfect solution for an alcoholic bevvy. 

   Leah will be sitting on our “Just DO it: How to embrace transitional periods of your life” panel during our 2nd Annual BeHealthful Retreat sharing her story of transition, and actionable tips for starting your own wellness focused business.

   Leah Caplanis addresses these tips in our webinar:

  • Five important steps to launching a business
  • Advice she could give herself when she first started out
  • What you shouldn’t do when developing a brand


   Let us know what you think!

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