Be Your Own Shot of Whiskey: A Chat with Allie Lefevere


    This week’s webinar is with the stunning and dynamic Allie Lefevere, a women’s coach who’s on a mission to create a paradigm shift within clients lives. Allie addresses 4 topics: How to live life shamelessly; how to be your own shot of whiskey; how to deal with negative thoughts; and her own advice to her past self. 

    For all of our Chicago readers out there Allie will be on our “Pitching your story” panel at our 2nd Annual BeHealthful Retreat and you will get the chance to meet her in person on Sunday, September 27th!

    Allie has been spotlighted on MindBodyGreen, SheKnows, ABC, NBC, CBS, WGN, Lady Business Radio and was featured by wellness activist, Kris Carr. This gal is definitely a fellow wellness maven to keep an eye on! 

    So take a moment to check out my webinar with Allie and get a taste of what you will learn more about during her panel discussion in September! 


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