My Balanced Week: Uplift Chicago + Organic Olive Oil + Healthy Luncheons


This past week was a major one for  my daily routine. Typically I wake up, drink coffee, and start on work right as I take my first sip, then squeeze in a body weight workout during my lunch time if I’m working out of my home office. Well as of last Saturday I started going to classes and actually pushing myself to taking hour long workouts. The results? I’m already starting to feel like I have more energy. Seriously.

I’m usually heedful about working out longer than I could afford to on work days (so much to do and so little time), that I typically find a 20 minute high interval class on Youtube and call it a day. I still do this when I especially have a hectic schedule, but now I’m starting to make a point of taking 3 days a week to carve out an hour of a workout class.

Not only is it helping me tone up and feel awesome, I’ve noticed that it is helping me with my balanced week and  productivity when I am working. Being in a class setting encourages me to push through the whole workout, which makes me feel accomplished. So needless to say I will be adding more workout classes into my weekly schedule more frequently now.

photo courtesy of Uplift Chicago


The first class I experienced  was an all over body workout at Uplift Chicago. Uplift is a women-only fitness studio newly nested in River North that boasts 55 minute high intensity workouts that push each muscle group. I am still sore as I am writing this, which speaks for itself. Hopefully you will see some fun future collaborations between BeHealthful + Uplift as well!


Continuing to keep my week on a healthy note, I attended a special organic Luncheon hosted by Jewel Osco and devoured healthy kale salad, soups and specialty dips. I really believe that Jewel is taking strides towards healthier options by bringing on more organic lines and produce, and if you didn’t have a chance we partnered on a fun episode for them that showcased me cooking with their items (you can watch it here).


A special package from Villa Gabriella also arrived on my doorstop and I’ve been testing out some recipes to share with you using their organic olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Tasting these products of theirs is inspiring me and ramping up my excitement for my Euro trip next month. Even better (all you wine lovers) their organic wine “do not interfere with the body’s natural digestive process, [and] does not cause headaches or morning after dullness”. Ok sign me up.

Keep an eye out for a special summer salad using their ingredients next week!


MySpa at the Fairmont threw a fun event last week to showcase their services. Media professionals indulged in mini massages, nail services and champagne. I was especially intrigued by their myBody rituals and Intraceuticals infusion treatments which they pull from cultures around the world.

The Fairmont is a breathtaking hotel centered in the middle of everything that is downtown. Only a couple steps away from Millenium Park, Magnificent Mile, and shopping on State Street. Guests that use their spa get to enjoy a steam room and fitness center, so it’s smart to carve out a whole half-day experience. They also host spa nights with treats and champagne (yes, this is your bachelorette destination)!





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