Along the Way to a Balanced Babe: Six Methods for Living an Enlivened Life


Aah, if it were only so easy to finally meet the end goal of living a balanced life! But the busyness and messiness of life gets in the way, almost every day.

 Some days….You’re on track with your timeline of meetings, goals and budget, and yes, including time for a little socializing.

 Other days….You’ve got 3 hours of work to fit into a one hour time frame, all while trying to handle unexpected emails and calls, trying to plot out 30 minutes of exercise plus you’ve got nothing in the fridge and no time to make something healthy to eat!

 Our time is shared with others…our family, significant others and friends that can cause us to juggle our schedule, change our plans, sometimes unintentionally sabotage our healthy habits, or unknowingly “throw a monkey wrench”, as they say, into the best of plans.  But we wouldn’t give any of them up for the world!  It’s called “life” and it IS what we make of it.

 So then what?!

We can take life day by day with a healthy dose of optimism, gratitude and faith.  We can make it a point to have daily reminders, some of which I’d like to share.  You can make your list as short, or as long, as you want.  Try not to bombard yourself with reminders all at once, take time to listen to yourself, and enjoy these 6 ways to live an enlivened life!


Here’s what you ask yourself: What can I do to get on track?

In the morning, when you take breaks throughout the day, and before you go to bed, you can make yourself “reminders” which you can keep on your smartphone.  You can also carry your own personal reminders on index cards in your purse or laptop case.


1) Remember WHY you do what you do….the passion, the purpose, the end goal.  If your personal life or career aren’t meeting your needs and true calling, then it’s time to ask some tough questions and make some new choices.  You can work this through on your own or enlist the help of a life or business coach.


2) Prioritize goals.  My “A” list is my priority.  But I do try and get at least one low priority item done each day just to get it done and off the list instead of seeing it hang around day after day like a weight on my shoulder.  And don’t forget to add a little self-pampering on your list!   A spa night at home, or a visit to your local salon for massage, facial or mani-pedi helps keep us relaxed, happy and feeling beautiful!


3) Choose one small actionable shift that will help you move forward with your health and wellness.   It’s good to have an ongoing list of things you can do to further your fit & healthy self.  If you’re healthy & fit, it definitely contributes to your happiness, which in turn leads to your wellness.  One day, I make it a priority to get in two to three 15-minute segments of exercise:  walking to the post office or bank; getting on the elliptical, putting on a video for a short blast of cardio.   Another day, I’ll incorporate a particular veggie into all three of my meals:  spinach omelet, spinach & veggie stir lunch and spinach as a dinner side.  Always make time for little adjustments to see big results.


4) Keep it simple. I try and keep my work area as neat as possible and clear of any papers that aren’t on my list for the day.  I also declutter once a month to keep my surroundings, and my mind, clear.  I also have learned to graciously say “no” to requests that can take up time I don’t have or that don’t align with my values and goals.


5) Sneak in an extra burst of energy. It might be a healthy juice or smoothie for breakfast; taking a brisk 15 minute walk at lunchtime,  a midday break with green, white or turmeric tea…..and yes, coffee too.  Getting a little extra energy midday can help us get through that last project or task that needs to be done.


6) Reach out to someone today. We all want to connect with others that will lift US up….bring a smile to our face….or put things in perspective. And just as important,  WE can impact other lives in a positive way as well!  It can be someone we know well, or someone we don’t know at all who’s just come into our life for a brief connection.



What do you do to live a balanced, enlivened life?

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