Do This to Make Your Morning Explosively Productive


It’s the start of a new day….a new day to make a difference, however small and seemingly insignificant, or as large as your dreams make it!   Your mindset is important. It sets the tone for the day.  Here’s a short list of actionable items to help make your morning productive:


Get Prepared the Night Before

Every evening you should review the priorities on your to-do list, check your calendar for meetings and conference calls, write important thoughts in your journal, have an outfit picked out for the next day’s meeting or event, get the coffee pot set up & ready to brew, have ingredients ready for your smoothie/juicer or healthy breakfast.  All this contributes to a great way to start the day~  Nothing is worse than rushing through your morning because you have to spend time reviewing rather than just doing!  Or being in a rush while figuring out what to wear only to find that your outfit is missing a button or the hem is loose.

 Grab your juice, smoothie or morning cup of coffee

I like to start out with my morning cup of coffee.  It energizes me, yet not so much so that I can’t relax and ruminate on the day before me.  For others, it might be an energy boosting smoothie with fruits & greens.  As the morning continues, I might have an egg white omelet with greens or if I have a morning meeting I’ll grab a bottled juice loaded with vitamins & minerals to hold me until lunch.

 Find Your Joy

First thing, try and find a memory or vision that evokes a feeling of well-being or a past success and how it made you feel.  We can also possess a feeling of joy on a spiritual level.

Read your gratitude journal, religious or inspirational quotes, and then meditate.  We need to delight in the day before us!

 Go over your to-do list for the day and tackle a high priority;

I’m a morning person so I hit the ground running (after my coffee, of course!). I tackle a high priority item first thing.  Be aware that the lower priorities on the list will eventually make it to the top of the list by the very act of time and procrastination!  So try and make it a point to tackle at least one low priority item before the day’s over

 Visualize any possible obstacles and turn them into probable opportunities;

As you’re going over your list, you might find something that has to be handled that could have possible obstacles as you move forward.  Write down what  they could be, and how or what you could do to make it a win-win for both parties, by coming up with alternative options or opportunities that could work just as well or better.  This is also something that you can work on the night before when you’re doing a priority review.

  Now You’re Ready to Take on the Day! What do you do to make your mornings productive?

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