Be Healthful 2014

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After 8 months of extremely hard work, I was finally able to pull off our first annual Be Healthful Retreat. We welcomed just over 400 guests to Moonlight Studios – the day was filled with inspiration, and wonderful minds connecting and experiencing a day to themselves. 

I will post the whole album to the Balanced Babe Facebook page soon, but am dying to share some of my favorite photos of the day with you.  I can finally lay low for a moment and say, I did it! I didn’t realize all of the hard work that had to go into a production this big. Taking on ALL of the hats of a company is quite difficult! From the coordinating, planning, execution, and design, to handling literally all of the marketing and PR work, I did it all! 

I am SO grateful for everyone who joined us, and I had wonderful help from friends and volunteers the day of to make sure everything ran smoothly. I couldn’t be more thankful for all who helped me throughout the process, and for all of the wonderful businesses and entrepreneurs involved. So please, take a moment to see the highlights of the day – we can’t wait for next years! 

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Chef Josh Jones of Madison & Rayne led the first workshop of the day about how to can and pickle your foods for healthy recipes.

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Guests perused the aisles of the wellness room where they tasted healthy bites, got pampered with services ranging from scalp massages to vitamin B12 shots.

 Guests lined up at the registration table ready to take on the day ahead!

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A sea of intrigued wellness warriors ready to learn about Ayurvedic practices for detoxing by the expert, Monica Yearwood. 

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We loved our venue, Moonlight Studios. The whole crew was extremely helpful and the space is a large urban oasis.

The large, bright hallway that connected the workshop rooms to the wellness hall.

download (13)  One of our 7 yoga classes that took place in our get fit room. 

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My great group of girlfriends who came to support!

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I couldn’t be happier with the turnout, everyone who made this work, and all of the beautiful guests who came to support. Now I will take a mini vacation, and start planning the next! For those of you who do not know – we will be hosting mini retreats every three to four months with limited space, and our grand Be Healthful retreat once a year. Stay tuned for what’s to come! 

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