How much MCT oil should I take?

If you’ve never used MCT oil before, take baby steps. If you take too much it could cause digestive issues, so if you have a sensitive stomach – find the shortest of the MCTs! I would suggest adding a single tsp to your morning coffee or smoothie and then slowing increasing the dosage to eventually 3 tablespoons. Those that are bulletproof coffee fanatics typically use the carbon C8 MCT which is known as the optimal brain fuel MCT! You can add MCT oil to soups and broths, salad dressings, protein smoothies, morning cup of tea or coffee, or any recipes that cause for low low heat as MCT oil is not meant to be used on the skillet or on high heat.

Here’s a list of brands that I’ve tried and tested if you want to try out MCT oil for yourself.

Bulletproof MCT

Natures Way MCT Oil

Anjou MCT Oil