Balanced Baby: The Ultimate Pregnancy Friendly Beauty Product List

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

This natural and ultimate pregnancy friendly beauty product list and guide is a wonderful resource for those who want to clean up their beauty products, women who are pregnant, and anyone who just wants to spruce up their beauty routine!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I started making major changes to my beauty routine. Pre pregnancy I was a retinal and salicylic acid queen (two ingredients you have to toss when expecting). So I needed to find some product swaps STAT!

I’d love to dive into ingredients to stay away from, and ingredients you can incorporate into your routine. One of the first things I wanted to know after I became pregnant was what type of beauty ingredients I could use that will still give me similar benefits as over the counter brands that have powerful ingredients, but can potentially harm your bub. Before I get into THAT, I wanted to at least share the products that I’m now using and loving, and that are making a noticeable difference in my skin!

So get your shopping lists ready! Here is my ultimate pregnancy friendly beauty product list, and brands that I love to use that cater to the clean beauty movement!

The Ultimate Pregnancy Friendly Beauty Product Guide

Belli Skincare

One thing they don’t tell you about pregnancy is that you either have clear glowing skin, or your adult breakouts can get even WORSE! Yikes! For me, I’ve always battled adult hormonal breakouts and even though my skin has calmed down a bit, I still get a Mount Everest popping up here and there. I was bummed when I learned that I couldn’t use a lot of acne spot treatments I used to apply, but then super excited when I found a brand that catered to troubled skin with cleaner ingredients! Here’s the acne fighting products I love the most from Belli Beauty.pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Anti-blemish facial wash:


This wash contains lactic acid (which is found naturally in our bodies) which helps exfoliate acne prone skin without harsh irritations. It also contains lemon peel oil which naturally brightens complexion and contains anti-bacterial properties, and green tea extract for antioxidant protect. I used this regularly for about a month and noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin – I’m going to be using this wash post baby too! Oh and you can also use it as a face mask by applying a layer on dry skin and leaving it on between 5-10 minutes for extra exfoliation.pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Acne control spot treatment


This spot treatment is ideal for hormonal blemishes and regular white heads. It contains colloidal sulfur (which is a HUGELY trending natural ingredient in the anti-blemish world), chamomille and tea tree oil. Chamomille calms any redness and irritation and teatree oil is another ingredient that is known to fight off acne causing bacteria.pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Fresh start pre-treatment scrub: 

I love using this scrub in the shower because of it’s peppermint essential oil. It really wakes me up in the morning and the smell is just so refreshing. It helps gently exfoliate dead skin cells and it is recommended to use before you apply any types of serums or treatments to make sure the products are getting proper penetration. It also contains ginseng and green tea which provide antioxidant support for skin!

Mama Mio

I’ve always had a love for body butters and creams, but now need to up-level my moisturizer to help prevent stretch marks! Not only does Mama Mio have a slew of products that are meant to help lessen the appearance of stretch marks on your boobies and belly, but also help restore elasticity and ultra hydration (because our bellies can also start itching quite a bit as they grow!). I’m a HUGE proponent on finding products that smell good – because one thing I love is aromatherapy and indulging in my sense of smell, and Mama Mio has really great smelling products. Here’s my favorites!

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Limited edition tummy rub butter ginger and lime:

This tummy butter contains omega 3,6 and 9 oils that will really help maintain healthy skin elasticity, organic shea butter which is a wonderful natural ingredient that helps prevent stretch marks, and the ginger + lime scent is said to help ease morning sickness! This product is also packed with wayyy more natural ingredients that I’ve done research on in the past and love – like sacha inchi seed oil (it’s a seed that comes from the Amazon rain forest and has awesome amounts of amino acids, omega 3’s, and antioxidants), argan oil which is one of my favorite moisturizing oils that is extremely nourishing, avocado oil which contains folic acid, coconut oil which contains lauric acid, almond oil and olive oil which calms irritated skin, rosehip fruit oil which contains vitamin C for antioxidant support, and vitamin E which is an extra line of defense against stretch marks!

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Pregnancy boob tube bust protection cream: 

I slather this one my boobies every morning as it helps moisturize, prevent stretch marks, and firms the skin. It’s packed with shea butter, and milk thistle extract (which helps improve the appearance of skin). Aaaand it’s also safe to use while breastfeeding! It contains all sorts of sweet smelling oils like angelica root extract, rose flower extract, and calendular extract, giving it a wonderful floral scent.

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Superstar in a jar:

This is a multipurpose balm that I carry around with me wherever I go. It contains baobab oil which is antioxidant rich (containing vitamins A, C, D, E, F) and all three omega fatty acids. You can use it on cracked dry skin, as a cuticle oil, and also on your baby! It also contains camellia seed oil which is provides super skin rejuvenation, olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil.

Pretty Mommies

One thing I’ve read time and time again is to be careful about the types of sunscreen you use while pregnant, as there are harsh chemicals that could potentially harm your baby in a lot of SPF brands, as well as mess with your estrogen levels. Not only does Pretty Mommies have a natural SPF that gets the job done – they also have a face wash and moisturizer that has a fruity scent that reminds me of fruit candies I used to eat as a child. Every time I use their face wash and moisturizer it makes me hungry for fruit jellies (in a good way of course!)

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Protect & Reflect SPF 32: 

This sunscreen is formulated with zinc oxide which has been studied extensively and is the best type of sunscreen to use while pregnant. It also contains ingredients that helps prevent melasma and hyperpigmentation. Did you know that pregnant women are more prone to developing meleasma and pigmentation changes? Yea we don’t want that! Zinc oxide is also known to help battle acne which makes this SPF multi purpose!


This natural beauty brand focuses on incorporating pure ingredients with essential oils, and they pride themselves on being sustainable and eco-friendly! All of their packaging is recyclable and they pride themselves on saying no to animal testing, while focusing on being energy efficient! Here are some of my favorite products at Lather.

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Honey moisture mask: 

Not only can your changing hormones cause acne flare ups, there can be days where your skin makes a u-turn and dry, flaky skin makes an appearance. This mask is super moisturizing and helps protect and renew skin that needs some extra TLC. I love this mask because it also contains propolis extract which is super nutrient dense, as well as natural honey. It also contains St. Johns wort and royal jelly – two ingredients that really help calm skin irritations and promote a clear complexion.

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Bulgarian rose phyto-nutrient elixir: 

One thing I love to do throughout the day is spritz my face with hydrating ingredients to give me a quick pick-me up when I’m starting to fall into a slump. I absolutely LOVE the smell of this face spray – using Bulgarian rose essential oil which smells absolutely divine. It also contains ylang-ylang which again, smells heavenly, and beta glucan from oats which is a super calming ingredient for skin. There is also antioxidant support from vitamin A peptides which are utilized from carrots, as well as amino acids to build strong skin protection. It provides, protection, antioxidants and hydration with every spray!

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Day and night duo balms:

I like to use these aromatherapy balms  day and night to either help wake myself up, or help wind myself down. One thing I’ve been using SO much of lately is aromatherapy – especially since my senses are heightened these days, aromatherapy seems to have an extra affect on me. The daytime balm contains clary sage and herbaceous rosemary, two of my favorite, grounding and herbal scents, blended with spearmint, mandarin orange and eucalyptus. The evening balm contains calendula, ylang-ylang and lavender which calm your mind. Truly a wonderful addition to your morning and night routines.

Seabuck Wonders

You already know I LOVE sea buckthorn berry and seed oil, and that I like to use the oil in natural remedies, but I also love finding products that contain sea buckthorn oil as well! Seabuck wonders is a local Chicago brand that has premier high quality sea buckthorn oil in all of their products. One thing I love about sea buckthorn oil is it’s natural anti-aging capabilities. I was bummed that I couldn’t use my retinal eye cream once I became preg, but then SUPER happy that I was able to swap out anti-aging products for seabuck products!

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Sea Buckthorn facial cream: 

I actually use this as an eye cream instead of face cream. For my specific skin type it doesn’t give me the all over moisture I need (because my cheeks + chin area can get extra dry), but it gives me a super noticeable difference when I use it as an eye cream. I went through a phase during pregnancy when my skin was ULTRA dry and dehydrated, which made me look 10 years older I swear. I had crows feet and wrinkles all around my eyes that popped up out of nowhere. Since I’ve been using the Seabuck Wonders face cream as eye cream, the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes legit started to fade. Now I can barely see any fine lines around my eyes unless I have concealer on for an extended period of time.

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Body lotion:

I like to use this lotion on my legs and arms for just enough hydration. I hate how some body lotions dry out or leave a chalky residue, but this body lotion provides extra extended moisture and soaks right in!

Au Naturale Cosmetics

You know I gotta add makeup to the mix as well! Sometimes I go as long as wearing my makeup alllll day and if I’m not using the right types of products with non-comodogenic ingredients, I end up with breakouts! Au Natural Cosmetics uses, you guessed it, natural ingredients in all of their formulations – love it!

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

The anywhere cream multi-stick:

I like this makeup brand because they formulate their makeup without animal bi-products, and no gluten, parabens, fillers or any type of chemical toxins. Their line is vegan, cruelty-free and made with all sorts of hydrating oils and ingredients! This multi-stick is made with some of my favorite oils: castor seed oil, jojoba seed oil, lavender oil, shea butter fruit, and meadowfoam seed oil. I like using the “parlermo” pigment and I use it on my cheeks, lips and even on my eyes for a rosy glow!

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Pore minimizing finishing powder: 

This finishing powder really does blend in any fine lines I have on my forehead, and makes my pores look virtually invisible! All you do is spray the powder on your blending brush and apply as needed. I was afraid it would make me look chalky but it blends in seamlessly.

Milk and Honey Spa

One product that I’ve been on the hunt for a while was a natural deodorant. I looked near and far and couldn’t seem to find a brand that truly prevented perspiration, until I found Milk and Honey Spa!

pregnancy friendly beauty brands


This deodorant literally is a life saver. It’s one product that I 100% wanted to switch out because your armpit absorbs a lot of what is applied there and I didn’t want aluminum or any other harmful ingredients getting into my system. It’s made with coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. Now this may scare you with the thought of applying these hydrating oils in your pits, but trust me it moisturizes AND prevents sweat because it also contains baking soda and arrowroot powder. No harmful ingredients here!

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Blood orange body polish: 

I love to use this exfoliating body polish during my spa nights at home. The smell is super invigorating and makes me feel like I’m in a legit spa. It has some of my favorite scents: blood orange oil, ginger oil, lemongrass oil, and is made with sugar, sea salt, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E in the form of tocopherol!

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Sandalwood & cardamom body cream: 

This is a body cream that I love to apply in the evenings due to its scent. The sandalwood and cardamom are very grounding and helps me wind down in the evening. It contains ale vera juice to calm inflammation, pomegranate seed oil, hibiscus flower extract, ginkgo leaf extract, green tea extract, rosemary, lavender, vetiver, frankincense, chamomile and more. It’s pretty much a garden in a bottle.


Probulin is a premier probiotic manufacturer, but they also have a line of skincare that is also infused with probiotics! I’ve been loving the trend of probiotics in skincare as it has really improved my redness and irritations. My skin is SUPER sensitive so I have to be gentle more often than not, and the Probulin line really helps keep my redness at bay. Here are some of my favorites from this line:

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Probiotic night cream:

I use this cream during the day because I need that extra hydration, and it’s always hard to find a moisturizer that doesn’t make my makeup look cakey! This moisturizer has a probiotic strain that helps hydrate, calm, and improve skin texture. It’s made with marula oil and jojoba oil to infuse skin with extra hydration.

pregnancy friendly beauty brands

Probiotic facial serum: 

This serum acts as an ultra protector as is helps protect the lipid barrier of the skin and helps condition and moisturize skin.  It also contains aloe vera, coconut oil, and sugar maple extract to further reduce redness and irritations.

Want to include your favorite clean beauty line that is pregnancy friendly and perfect for the natural skincare movement? Shoot me an email at and send me your suggestions! This will be an ever-growing list.




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