I Drank Celery Juice Every Morning For a Week Straight and Here’s What Happened

benefits of drinking celery juice

I’ve been on a celery juice kick lately. I know it doesn’t sound super appetizing but hear me out! It’s been a week since I’ve been drinking it every morning and I love it for its digestive boosting, detoxifying and antioxidant benefits. Celery doesn’t get enough credit for it’s nutritional profile, and many people just view it as a zero calorie stick to stick into dips. If you don’t like chomping down on celery sticks all day, I highly recommend juicing your celery or finding celery juice at your local grocery store. You’d be surprised how many spots make freshly squeezed celery juice these days.

Celery has recently been touted to help heal gut issues as well as thyroid struggles and for anti-inflammatory support. Ever since I started drinking it in the morning I’ve felt an extra burst of energy, better digestion throughout the day, and a general feeling of well-being. 

At first I started with a small cup of celery juice and then worked my way up to about 2 cups in the morning. I always recommend when trying a new ingredient to not go overboard, just in case your body tries to fight back! I typically consume my celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach so that I can really let it get brewing in my gut to do it’s job. 

Even though it may not seem like it, celery contains all sorts of vitamins and minerals such as: vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, and C which are wonderful to support energy levels, immunity and inflammation as well as minerals like iron, magnesium, healthy mineral salts and folate. Since I’ve had such a wonderful experiencing sipping on my morning celery juice concoction, I’m excited to share all the reasons why you should try it too!

Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

Liver support: Celery has natural detoxifying properties that help support how your liver functions and cleanses out toxins and pathogens from your system. Its nutritional profile also helps to protect and cleanse the liver as well! 

Nervous system health: Celery acts as a blood purifier and has been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system because of it’s alkaline mineral content. 

Anti-inflammatory: Celery contains flavonoids called luteolin which has been linked to calming inflammation.  It’s a super hero antioxidant that combats damage from free radicals and helps keep our cells healthy. 

Helps balance water levels: If you’re feeling extra puffy or bloated, sipping on celery juice can help your body regulate it’s fluid levels by the use of its electrolyte content. Oh and bonus! It can also help ease constipation. The fibers in celery juice get enhanced when the vegetable is juiced, thus acting as a natural laxative.

Heart health: Consuming celery juice regularly may also help  lower blood pressure because of its coumarins content (a compound that helps our vascular system), decrease plaque formulation in arteries, and can even help prevent a stroke! It contains a specific compound that helps relaxes arteries to encourage healthy blood flow levels as well as naturally lower bad cholesterol levels. 

Helps keep bones strong: Because of it’s vitamin K, silicon and calcium content, our bones are getting some extra TLC by sipping on celery juice! 

Can help clear up your skin: It’s vitamin content and it’s ability to help optimize our gut health will also show on our face when we consume celery juice. When your internal systems are working in harmony, your skin will clear up of any inflammation in the form of redness or blemishes. 

Gut health benefits of celery juice

Helps increase stomach acids to break down nutrients: A super hot topic, gut health! There are specific mineral salts that help bolster digestion and how you absorb food you eat. Also – did you know if you are chronically stressed you could have lower levels of stomach acid which breaks down the food you eat? This is why those who are going through stressful times may also have digestive issues like acid reflex or irritable bowel syndrome. Celery juice could potentially increase our levels of HCL because of its enzyme content, which is the acid needed to properly break down our food.

Helps combat bloating: Low stomach acid and digestive problems typically lead to feeling bloated and backed up, but celery’s sodium content helps those HCL levels in your stomach combat all of these issues throughout the day if you drink it in the morning. Since it’s also a natural diuretic, this also helps with water retention or feeling bloated. 

It may help you reduce cravings: Typically we experience cravings when we are lacking a specific mineral or vitamin in our body. This can happen when we aren’t eating the healthiest diet and our gut has a hard time absorbing all the nutrients we do get from healthy foods. Since celery juice helps your gut break down food throughout the day, you’ll have a better chance at absorbing quality nutrients into your system, which is linked to helping those pesky food cravings vanish. 

Can balance pH levels: Consuming celery juice can also help you naturally balance your pH levels which combats any excess acidity in our body. 

Want to try it out for yourself?! You don’t even need a juicer! All you need to do is get your blender out, chop up a head of celery, splash some water in the blender, and blend until everything is broken down. You can then take a coffee filter or a nut-milk bag and strain the juice through the filter into a cup, and voila! Celery juice! 

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