Your Kitchen: Change the Way You Cook, Change the Way You Look.


Your health and fitness routine would start from your kitchen itself. You may not need to visit the special clinics and weight loss workshops to look good or feel fit but some simple changes introduced in your own kitchen would definitely make the big difference. Your kitchen is the powerhouse of your family as this is the place from where it gets the energy to live life healthy and fit. While the right ingredients in your kitchen would make it the reason to rejoice, the choice of wrong ingredients may also make it the reason for your family’s ill health. Hence, to make yourself and your family healthy and fit, you need to change the way you cook. In short, change the way you cook to change the way you look!

The below mentioned minor changes in your cooking processes will bring in major changes in your health.

1. Baking against frying: Frying some food is the inseparable part of its recipe and you may not be able to replace it but if you try and experiment then you will surely find the possibility of baking most of the deep fried dishes. Replacing the deep frying with shallow frying or baking would reduce the amount of oil substantially and hence make it good for your heart and health. You may try brushing oil while baking your favorite dish in oven to give it the similar taste while keeping its health quotient high.

2. Brown against white: Brown is the color of the season. The white food in any form is now being replaced by brown. The popular white foods like rice, sugar, and bread are being replaced by their brown counterparts in order to get the health packed with taste. Honey which is also brown in color is popularly used as sugar replacement. The brown food is found to be healthier compared to whites due to higher nutrition value and roughage content.

3. Raw against cooked: The vegetables and fruits possess more roughage when raw compared to when cooked. Include more of raw fruits and vegetables in your diet in form of salads to get more fibers that would keep your body systems clean and rejuvenated. More roughage in your diet would flush out harmful toxins from your body and keep your vital organs functioning well. When you cook these vegetables, the healthy nutritional content will change and some of the nutrients will also be lost in the process.

4. Rotation against constant: Each and every food product has its own peculiarity in the form of its content, health benefits, and taste. When you consume the same food daily, the chances are that you won’t get some of the vital nutrients. Rotation of food and food habits would therefore be the great idea to get all-round nutrition.

5. Liquids against oils: If you need some gravy, then add water and not oil. Limit the use of oil to greasing the utensil and not to add texture to the dish. This way you will limit the oil content in your dishes and make them healthier and low in calories too.

The above few changes are very simple and easy to implement in your routine cooking processes but when you will make them your habit then the results would be satisfactory and long lasting.

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Carol, a freelance article writer and likes to travel & explore different cuisine. She occasionally spends her extra time in writing articles on her cherished subjects, such as food, diet, travel experience and she gives first priority to weight reduction items, such as Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract, HCG, green coffee bean extract and more.

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