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dove derma review

My skin seems to go haywire every time the season changes, with the worst transition being winter weather. Every winter my skin seems to be extra flaky and dry which leaves me searching for all sorts of ways to hydrate my face so that I don’t look like I’ve aged 10 years overnight. Anyone else notice that fine lines seem to come out to play when your skin gets extra dry?

Even though these changing seasons are ready to wreak havoc on my skin, I recently got equipped with a line of defense! I’ve started to use the Dove DermaSeries skincare line that’s available at Walgreens and I’m excited to report my review!

dove derma review


My products came just as the temperature started to dip (which means I’ve also been blasting the heat more to keep myself and lil bub bundled and warm throughout the day) so I’ve started using the face wash, face cream and body lotion to see how these products can help me hydrate my skin. The DermaSeries products are formulated so that folks with skin conditions that cause dryness, or just dry skin in general, can get some relief and extra moisture in their skin. This is especially useful for those who are experiencing psoriasis or eczema! I personally was excited to try these products out because they are fragrance free (which can cause irritation), dermatologically-tested and hypoallergenic!

dove derma review


So let’s talk about the Dove Derma Series Dry Skin Relief Gentle Cleansing Face wash first! I started using this cleanser in the morning since I tend to wake up with dry skin. The soap is super creamy and gentle, and it definitely does not leave my skin feeling tight when it’s washed off and dried (you know how some face washes do that?!). I also like that the bottle is compact, so it’s easy to pack in my bags since we’ll be traveling quite often this winter season. After the face wash, I then used the Dove Derma Dry Skin Relief Face Cream. As soon as I massaged it in my skin it absorbed in right away (some brands leave a filmy residue behind or feel like they are just hanging out on the surface of your skin). A bonus is that it has SPF15 which is still useful in winter! Even though it’s snowing and 30 degrees, being outside still gives you UV exposure, so I always still try to make sure I have SPF in my routine. Again, the moisturizer has no fragrance and is also paraben free, a major plus for me!

dove derma review


The Dove Derma Dry Skin Relief Replenishing Body Lotion is what I’ve been using twice a day because I’ve started to go a bit crazy with my hydrating routine day and night. I probably also like using it so much because it’s lightweight and doesn’t stick to my pants when I get dressed right after I use it (does this happen to anyone else?). If yes, then you know how annoying it can be to put on lotion then try to shimmy into pants – so this is a major perk I’ve noticed after using this lotion.

Each of these three products in the Dove DermaSeries can be checked out at your local Walgreens, or bought online here! Yay for hydrated skin this winter!

Thank you to Mirum for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all writing, opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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