How To Feng Shui Your Home For Summer

feng shui summer tips

The summer season is a perfect time to create a cleared out energetic space in our homes. Especially in a seasonal city like Chicago, our windows are more often than not open to let fresh air in, the sun is out longer allowing light to enter our homes in a longer duration, and everything from our bedding to our clothes is lighter and brighter.

It’s the perfect time to deep clean and reset the energy, since our home is our oasis. It’s also a perfect time to add some Feng Shui elements in the mix as well. If you’re not familiar with this ancient practice, you can learn about it in our Feng Shui 101 article here.

In a nutshell, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and science that revolves around the practice of spatial arrangement and orientation in regards to the flow of energy. In other words, it is an area of knowledge that teaches how to balance energy in a given space. This art is dedicated to assuring good fortune for inhabitants of these spaces.

According to the Feng Shui principles, the summer season in Feng Shui is associated with the fire element which is a strong and robust yang energy. This energy brings out our passionate and driven side, inspiring us to be confident and outgoing. It’s the time we want to be busy and put ourselves out there. Feng shui experts believe though that if we are experiencing too much of this fire energy, it can make us feel aggressive and irritable. So, it’s important that we maintain a balance.

Experts also believe that summer time is connected to our energy that focuses on how others perceive us, or our “fame and reputation”. This means it’s a time when we are more aware of the recognition and respect that we want to gain from those around us. The part of our home that is in conjunction with the fame and reputation sector of Feng Shui is the back and middle area of our home (in relation to the entrance). You can use a traditional Feng Shui bagua map to figure out which sectors correspond with the different areas of your home. 

So, to help bring abundance to this part of your home thus bringing more harmony to your energy, check out our roundup of tips below for the “fame and reputation” sector. 

Feng Shui Summer Tips

  • Place red or warm decorative colors in this section, even candles in this area will bring warmth and “fire” to the area. 
  • Make sure everything is de-cluttered and organized so energy can move freely. 
  • Add plants like bamboo for financial abundance or shrubs like cactus.
  • Place your awards or trophies on display.
  • Add red garnet crystals to bring creativity to your space.

In addition to giving this part of your home some extra TLC, here are some additional tips to balancing the energy and Feng Shui in your home for the summer season:

Add purifying plants to your home’s atmosphere: In order to give your home the fresh air it needs, try adding plants to keep your space purified and vibrant. It will also contribute to the high oxygen levels.

Embrace natural light: Make sure your space has plenty of natural light, as this can bring in uplifting thoughts and positive energy to your space.

Use water: Not only is the sound of flowing water curing, but the movement and image of it will bring purity and clarity to your home. If a fountain is not realistic, try placing images of water around your home (waterfalls, rivers, etc.) Just as water is clear and moving, so will the vibes of your home.

Play with crystals: The reflection and lighting of crystals can bring in a powerful image and vibe to your home. Hanging a crystal up in your home can reflect its full color spectrum into your space once the sparkle of the sun hits it.

Hang artwork: Artwork can be very reflective, yet personal to any homeowner. By hanging artwork, you boost your spirits and allow your space to have more positive energy from creative work.


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