Five Reasons to Boost Your Immune System Before the Flu Season

fight flu season

It comes around every year -the dreaded flu season that has everyone swarming to the pharmacy for the remaining supply of decongestants. Why torture yourself any longer?

Just as you prepare for a bad storm, so should you prepare your body for nature’s annual attack on its immune system. Here are 5 reasons to boost your immune system before flu season.

More Weapons Makes a Stronger Army

Think of your immune system as your body’s military. Faithfully awaiting its next battle with germs, bacteria and of course a seasonal flu -your army needs to be well suited for war.  

Maintaining your immune system is a lifelong feat through diet and lifestyle. Adding fruits and vegetables, getting adequate sleep, and taking a multivitamin gives your immune system the tools it needs to protect you and keep you healthy.

Yet, one of the best preventative options is to take Tamiflu, which prevents the flu from spreading throughout your body. If you haven’t been good all year, it doesn’t take much to clean up your act as the flu season approaches.

Suffer Less and Recover Quickly

You’ve been taking your vitamins, drinking fruit smoothies and getting at least eight hours of beauty rest yet the flu somehow got you. Don’t worry. All your work has not been in vain.

While the flu will run its course, your suffering and recovery will be much faster had you not boosted your immune system before flu season. Because you have prepared your immune system for an attack, your antibodies are stronger and more resilient when fighting foreign cells.

The flu is dreadful, but because you prepared it’s not as horrific as it could be.

Getting Ill Is Expensive

When flu season rolls around big pharma likes to jack up the price of everything. From Vitamin C gummy bears to your basic Tylenol, having the flu is expensive.

Not to mention doctor visits and sick days off from work, the expense keeps adding up. Spending a few extra bucks on the organic blueberries and fancy apple cider vinegar doesn’t seem so bad, in comparison.

The lesson is to spend now, and save later.

You Are Too Busy to Be Sick

Flu season runs from October to May and peaks in January and February. This is a huge chunk of the year to worry about the possibility of getting sick.

This time frame also includes all the major holidays, a busy time for everyone. How can you possibly manage that many social events with tissues stuck in your nose?

Instead, maintain your immune system all year long, and take back the time you need to be with your family and friends.

A Better Immune System Is a Better You

The side effects of boosting your immune system before flu season includes increased energy, better sleep quality, uplifted mood, greater productivity and so much more. The steps you take to ward off a virus invites an overall well-being and a better quality of life.

Do good for your immune system and it becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

To Health, Wealth and Happiness

Boosting your immune system before flu season keeps your body ready for battle against unwanted invaders, helps you recover quickly if the invaders take over, saves you money and time, while increasing your quality of life. You never know how valuable your health is until you lose it, so stay ahead of the curve.

In Conclusion as you can see, a proactive approach to preventing a flu is the only way to go. Start now in order to save yourself some time and energy later.


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