Eat These Nutrients To Boost Hair Growth

what to eat for healthy hair growth

One thing many women don’t realize when it comes to hair growth and helping keep hair healthy and strong is that nutrition and what you consume plays a HUGE role.

When it comes to helping our hair grow long and stay strong, specific nutrients like amino acids, collagen, biotin, zinc and other vitamins and minerals can really make a difference. Hair is primarily composed of protein, keratin specifically, which is created from amino acids. So let’s talk about the importance of protein and amino acids in our diet first.

What To Eat To Help Your Hair Grow


When you’re not eating enough protein, you may notice that your nails get a bit brittle or your hair may not be as thick or grow as quickly as it used to. Since our hair is made primarily of protein, we need to ensure that we are including protein in the form of amino acids into our diets. This doesn’t mean you need to down steaks all the time as there are amino acids in all sorts of different food groups. You can find a slew of various amino acids in lentils, quinoa, eggs, kale, poultry, seafood, Greek yogurt and of course grass fed beef.

B vitamins

B vitamins such as niacin and biotin are wonderful for your hair as they help keep your hair thick and shiny. Biotin especially is touted as the B vitamin that helps stimulate hair and nail growth and many swear that they feel their hair growing faster when they take biotin supplements. You can find liquid biotin supplements or stock up on B vitamin rich foods like legumes, eggs, avocados and brown rice.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A assists with healthy cellular growth, including hair! This antioxidant helps you regulate sebum which keeps your scalp hydrated and healthy, and vitamin A deficiencies have been linked to hair loss. You can find vitamin A rich foods such as Greek yogurt, and produce like sweet potato, carrots and apricots.


Not only is selenium a mineral that is wonderful to protect and enhance your cellular health (and fight against some cancers), it is also known to help stimulate hair growth. It helps regulate antioxidants in our bodies that help fight off free radicals as well as promoting healthy hair growth. You can eat selenium rich foods like tuna, mushrooms and brazil nuts or find a high quality supplement.

Omega 3

Including omega 3’s in your diet has a slew of wonderful beauty benefits. It helps lower inflammation in the form of skin flare-ups, helps keep your skin hydrated and provides vital nutrients for hair growth to keep it strong, prevent breakage and could prevent unnecessary shedding. Add healthy fats to your diet like wild caught salmon, tuna, extra virgin olive oil, flaxseeds and kale.


Zinc is a powerhouse mineral that helps fight off acne bacteria as well as regulate the production of hair growth. It helps keep your hair follicles strong as well as regulating hormone levels which can interfere with healthy hair growth. You can eat foods like oysters, spinach, lamb and chickpeas as these are all packed with zinc.


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