Why You Should Be Adding Probiotics To Your Skincare Routine

probiotics for your skin

Many of us ensure that we are including probiotics in our diet in supplement or food form, but what about adding probiotics topically in our skincare routines as well? We know that probiotics offer vital bacteria that is good for our gut, mood and immune system, but the bacteria in probiotics is also an incredible tool for healthy skin as well.

Our skin just like our gut also has a microbiome, and when we over-cleanse our skin, it can strip away the healthy bacteria that keeps our skin in balance thus preventing blemishes and irritations. Keeping the natural bacteria on our skin in check by being mindful of over-cleansing and even integrating probiotics into our products helps boost the immunity of our skin as well as a slew of additional benefits. Incorporating probiotics into our skincare routine increases our skin’s line of defense against acne and even rosacea.

Besides keeping ur bacteria levels on our skin in check, probiotic infused beauty products should be on everyone’s radar, and here’s why.

Why You Should Be Adding Probiotics To Your Skincare Routine

Help fight off damage from environmental pollution. When using probiotics in your topical products, you are helping fight off damage from free radicals. Probiotics help strengthen and boost our skin’s ability to rebuild a solid barrier from this type of damage.

Boost the immunity of our skin. When our skin has a good line of defense, it is easier to produce more collagen and elasticity. Just like our gut, probiotics help maintain a strong immune response on our skin.

Regulate the pH levels of our skin. This leads to a more even colored and textured skin tone.

Keep skin hydrated and plump. Using probiotics topically can create hydration that lasts and improves that uncomfortable, tight feeling that comes with dry skin.

Helps soothe itchy and irritated skin. This is also true for fighting off acne. Probiotics such as lactobacillus which is a common bacteria found in fermented dairy products like yogurt have been studied to show that they are effective in treating irritations like acne and eczema.

Another interesting point to note is the recent slew of media outlets talking about the importance of avoiding over washing or using too many cleansing agents on your skin which strips off your natural bacterial microbiome, which keeps your skin balanced.  More and more individuals are starting to become aware of the importance of keeping the bacterial balance on our skin in check just as much as the bacterial balance in our gut, which is why products that integrate probiotics in their formulas are starting to become a widely appreciated development in skincare.

I myself have been using a probiotic skincare line from Probulin, a probiotic supplement and skincare brand that stands out from the crowd not only for their skincare products, but their women’s health probiotics as well (they come delivered to your door chilled in ice packs to ensure the cultures stay live and viable).

probiotic skincare

Probulin’s skincare line, Probiotic Skin Therapy featuring Probuskin is a scientifically formulated line that works with your skin for the long haul to support healthy, bright, protected smooth skin texture and condition.

I’ve been using Probulin’s face wash, serum, and day/night creams for quite some time now and have visibly noticed that my skin has much less breakouts and a huge decrease in redness. The image above doesn’t have any editing or filters and I have VERY minimal foundation on! I’ve been using the line throughout this summer season, and as many of us know, extreme temperatures can really wreak havoc on our skin. Between super high temperatures, more time spent in the sun, and environmental exposure since I live smack dab in the middle of Chicago, you’d think my skin would be looking weathered these days.

Because I’ve been incorporating probiotics not only internally but externally as well, I’ve been able to create a barrier that products from all three of these factors that cause skin dryness and damage.

probiotics for your skin
Photo source: Probulin.com


The specific type of probiotic found in Probulin’s skincare line is lysate which helps make your skin healthier and brighter, as well as all of the benefits discussed above. I also love this line because it is cruelty free, as well as sulfate, GMO, glycol, paraben, phthalate and fragrance free. So if you want to try out this line that has scientific formulas to back it up as well, you can peruse the entire line here!

Disclaimer: This article is in partnership with Probulin. All writing and creative direction is my own. Main photo source: Probulin.com


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