Fun Ways to Exercise in Chicago This Summer


Going to the gym day in, day out isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, right? Exercise doesn’t have to mean countless hours on the treadmill or punishing yourself in the weights area – there are heaps of fun ways to get moving that take the ‘work’ out of your workout. The best part is you can catch some sunlight, feel the fresh air and absorb some positive vibes while you’re at it! We’ve rounded up a few fun ways to exercise in Chicago this summer! 


    Why walk when you can cruise the streets? This is one of those things that can feel a bit intimidating, but if you didn’t learn to skate when you were younger, don’t assume you missed the boat! Longboard skateboards are back in a big way, and it’s always fun to give new things a go. If you are genuinely not confident, why not get a group of friends and learn together? You might not feel so self-conscious with others around you. Otherwise, stick to your driveway or local streets until you’re ready to start seeing Chicago from a new perspective. Make sure you have a quality board to get you started – Penny Skateboards has a range of funky plastic longboards. With a broad deck and reverse kingpin trucks for greater stability and control, these skateboards will inspire you to get moving!

Turn back the clock

Do you know of a great public park with play equipment? Don’t let it go to waste – get involved! Another fun way to exercise is by simply to enjoy being a big kid: run, climb, swing and jump off platforms. Set yourself challenges, whether it’s climbing to the top of something or balancing the whole way across a pole or beam. And if anyone gives you a strange look just remember: slides are good for the soul.

Outdoor yoga

Yoga is pretty well-known for its de-stressing qualities. For that extra sense of peace and a dose of revitalisation, take it outside. Find a local park, or even just your backyard, kick your shoes off and let yourself connect with the earth. Concentrate on the points that connect with the ground, and let any negative energy flow right on out of your body.

Get to know the local attractions

Exploring the city is one of the most fun (and informative!) ways you can exercise. Check out places like Morton Arboretum, where you can walk, bike or hike through miles of paths and trails. The Botanic Garden is also an option – learn about nature while you stretch your legs, clock some steps and really just enjoy yourself. If you pack your own meals for these outings, you can make a real day of it. Go ahead and invite a few friends if a good chat will help you enjoy the day, or take advantage of downtime and get lost in your own thoughts as you wander the gorgeous locations on offer in this city.

Don’t let monotony be an excuse for stepping back from exercise this summer! There are so many options for getting moving, and they are only limited by your imagination. Just make sure to stay hydrated, apply sunblock and, above all – have fun!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Penny Skateboards

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