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Best Diet Blogs
Best Diet Blogs

To Diet Or Not To Diet? That Should Be The Question!
Diet information is everywhere. In advertisements, on TV, in magazines; the bookstores are crammed with books on many different diet options – The South Beach Diet, The Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers, The Cabbage Soup Diet. The message is ‘you should think about your weight’. If you aren’t already thinking about dieting, you will be before long.
Most of the clients that come to see me want to lose weight. They have typically tried out a few diet options, but still haven’t achieved what they are looking for.The big question is what are they looking for?

It all starts off with that glance in the mirror. What we see staring back at us is often an image we don’t like or at least we don’t rave about. The instant reaction too often can be – ‘I need to go on a diet’.

You don’t like the package, so you need to alter it in some way. But the truth is that often it is the ‘packaging’ that is distorting the picture – distorting our image of ourselves and not you (the package).


Everything about you is perfect as it is, and has a purpose. Your shape, your height, your size, your hair colour, your eye colour, the shape of your features, and the size of your knees – they all combine to create you. Having a negative personal image can lead to weight gain or weight loss. Most eating disorders occur as a result of a negative body image.

Your packaging – or your style and your way of dress – has a huge impact on your personal image – how you see yourself, how much you like the way you look and …how large or small you look.

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