Quick Tips to Banish Puffy Eyes


After a night of munching on salty foods like Teriyaki salmon  or sodium drowned chips (bad girl!) you can wake up the next morning with some serious puff.

I’ve got some quick holistic tips to instantly awaken tired eyes and diminish your “eye bloat”, because anything on a body that is bloated..and yes I call puffy eyes, eye bloat, needs tah go!


1. The old cucumber trick: I do this while I’m taking an Epsom salt bath; killing two birds with one stone! Simply slice two pieces of cucumbers, and place over closed eyes for about 10 or so minutes. The minerals in the cucumber sooth irritation and puffiness.

2. Green tea bags: Caffeine in the tea aids in restricting blood vessels, so bye bye puffy eyes! Brew two cups of green tea with two bags, then let the bags cool. Place the cooled tea bags over your eyes for again, 10 or so minutes. Added perk: you have two cups of green tea for your afternoon pick me up.

3. Potatoes: The starch in a potato soothes irritations; so peel the skin off, slice two thin and wide strips of the flesh, and you guessed it: place on your eyes for the magical eye de-bloating time of 10-15 minutes.

4. Quench your thirst: Drink more water!! Water retention could be from dehydration, and the ultimate way to hydrate is by drinking a good amount of what makes the world go round: water.

So now try it!

Give these tips a go for about a week and let me know if you have noticed a reduction in your eye bloat. More importantly, if you are eating a diet high is sodium and preservatives, then it will be extremely hard for any sort of home remedy to get rid of your under eye swelling.

You cannot eat chips, canned goods, and thai noodle bowls with 1,200 mg of sodium then proceed to place a tea bag on your eye, and expect to diminish the puff.

If you reallllly   want to de-bloat your under eye area, then hydrate, eat more water soluble foods such as fruits and veggies, and stay away   from the processed foods. These holistic tips are aids in further diminishing any water retention. If you are hoping to achieve something, give it your all!

Preventative care:

– Some women ice their whole face for 15 minutes before they go to sleep every night to prevent the morning eye bloat…I haven’t tried that yet, but will be a guinea pig for my readers. I’ll get back to you on how that goes..might as well just stick my face in the snow. That’s pretty much the same, right?


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