How I Use Collagen Throughout The Day

how to add collagen to your day

Collagen: we’re all crazy about it. I’ve talked about collagen on TV segments, articles, and in normal conversations with friends and clients. It’s so stinking popular in the wellness and beauty industry, and for good reason! Not only is it a ‘fabulous beauty ingredient but it gives us physical health benefits as well. It’s found in significantly large quantities in our bodies and makes up a pretty hefty percentage of our protein content. It’s benefits for our skin, and our internal health is eminent.

Although you’ve probably heard about collagen, do you know all the ways that you can use it throughout the day? I’m pumped to share how I use collagen throughout the day to boost my skin health, gut health, and anti-inflammatory defenses.

If you’re unfamiliar with collagen, you can read up on it here. BUT if you just want a quick refresher, here ya go!

What is collagen and what are the benefits?

Collagen is found in connective tissue in muscles, tendons, skin, and bones. It’s a protein that is what in a sense holds everything together: our skin elasticity, our joints and muscles, etc. BUT as we age, the natural levels of collagen in our system starts to decline, which is when the use of collagen supplementation can come in handy. Collagen contains amino acids which are the building blocks to protein, and is why so many people from beauty gurus to athletes love supplementing with collagen.

Fitness fanatics and athletes love collagen because it helps your joints, muscles and bones. And beauty babes love it as it helps our skin maintain its elasticity, which means it helps us keep a youthful appearance, fends off aging (wrinkles), and helps keep our skin looking just all around FABULOUS ya hear me! Additional perks include: helping you regulate your energy and sleep cycles, and it has been linked to helping balance your hormone levels.

How do I go about sourcing collagen?

I like purchasing plain collagen hydrolysate because it can be extremely versatile in all sorts of recipes throughout the day. Some folks like finding collagen protein powders, or liquid collagen supplements.  ALSO – you can find collagen naturally in foods as well. Bone broth is the most popular source – so start sippin’.

How to use collagen throughout the day.

In your coffee or tea lattes: You can add a serving of collagen in your morning beverage. Regular collagen hydrolysate is tasteless so it won’t alter any flavor.

In your soups, dressings and sauces: If you want to boost up your lunches, you can add a serving of collagen powder to your soup recipes, or blend it in with your salad dressing.

In your protein shakes: This one is pretty obvious!

In your beverages and tonics: I like sipping on drinking vinegars in the afternoon to aid digestion and prevent an afternoon slump, so sometimes I’ll add a serving of collagen powder in my afternoon tonic.

In your baked goods: I’ve added collagen powder to my homemade granola bars and even desserts because heck, might as well add some sort of benefit to your sweets too!

How much collagen do I need daily?

Now this varies depending on your age and a few other factors. The minimum requirement is 5g a day, but some sources say to take up to 30g a day. To be safe, consult your doctor first before you alter your supplement routine!

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