How To Deal With FOMO


Everyone knows that feeling – the feeling of anxiety once you realize that something exciting or climactic is happening elsewhere, where you are not. “Fear of Missing Out” or FOMO is our ability to recognize potential opportunities that we could have been involved with, but instead, aren’t.

FOMO is often stemmed from posts on social media websites, which isn’t too surprising. We live in a world now where everything is real-time. People post where they are, what they’re doing, and who they’re with, and we are left to think that there is so much going on in the world without us. Enter, FOMO.

Regardless if you can relate to it or not, we’re here to tell you that it is okay. Life goes on, and so should this feeling. Here are some simple tips on how to get rid of FOMO for good:

Realize It’s All Lies

  • No one is perfect. Whoever’s posts are giving you these feelings does not have a fabulous life day in and day out that you think you’re missing out on. In fact, most of the time, posts on social media attempt to make other’s lives seem cooler than they actually are. Realize that social media is a platform for an enhanced image of a person, and no one lives that life truthfully. What you’re not seeing is all the bad/boring/iffy moments – remember that.

Distract Yourself 

  • While this one may seem hard at first, it’s definitely worthwhile. Try cooking a new recipe, leaving the house and going on a walk, watch your favorite season on Netflix, or read a book. Do not think about what’s happening without you – instead, just do anything to get your mind thinking about something else.

Learn To Love Alone Time

  • A lot of times, FOMO kicks in when we are alone – at home. Many people do not like spending evenings or weekends alone, but this time that you have for *you* can be extremely self soothing and healing. Having alone time can allow you to check off all the things on your self-care list. For example: If you decide to stay home on a Friday night, take that epsom salt bath and give yourself the spa night that you’ve been trying to plan for weeks. Take a long walk around your neighborhood or city and go window shopping (or real shopping, we don’t currrr).  This will also help you become more present – especially if you put your phone away during these moments.

Pick Up And Discover New Hobbies

  • This piggy backs off of having alone time. We are now in an age where we always want to be out doing what everyone else is doing, going to the hottest new restaurants and the top poppin’ events. Now is the time to start experimenting and diving into new hobbies. For me, I’m all about doing yoga on evenings that I’m deciding to stay in. I love going to heated yoga classes and sweating out the long week behind me. Oh and if you’re just wondering where the fabulous yoga mat is from in my photos, it’s from Dat Mat
    – they’ve got super groovy yoga mat designs with this rainbow pattern being my fave, it just brings me extra happiness! Other than physical hobbies, there are so many interesting classes that you can take – or new skills to learn like a new language or experimenting with art. The options are endless!

Be Content With Living in Your Own Moment

  • Look around and be happy to be living in this moment for yourself. You’ve got other great things to look forward to, so you shouldn’t let one event get in the way of your own personal happiness. Whenever you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about a situation, imagine yourself “zooming out” to the big picture in your life. Does this one event dictate your big picture? No – so keep the dwelling to a minimum. 

Know That There Are Always Other Times

  • If you’re still really shaken up, know that the same good times can happen all over again another time. If you couldn’t make it to that one night out, there will be other nights out! There are always going to be other memories waiting to be created – don’t stress about one single event.

Make Plans For the Future

  • Something that may help is making other plans for yourself. If this one night is really bothering you, then try looking at other restaurants or cool places you can try next time! It will get you looking forward to your own plans, so you won’t be worried about what’s happening now.

Put Away Your Phone

  • Do you realize that this “fabulous” world you think you’re missing out on doesn’t even have to exist if you don’t want it to? That’s right, you have more power than you think you do. By putting away your phone, you won’t even have to know what’s happening. Simple as that.


FOMO is not easy to cope with. It sucks, we know. However, know that you’re not alone and this is so normal for everyone to feel this way. Try using these simple tips to beat FOMO the next time it comes!


Contributing editor: Lauren Cumbo

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    wonderful article Sarah and very true many of them face this problem thanks for sharing how to deal with FOMO. You look very very gorgeous :)

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