Time To Get Cozy As Sh*t: How To Hygge

If you read popular wellness and lifestyle outlets, you’ve probably heard of Hygge before. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat.


Imagine yourself cozying up in the biggest, fluffiest blanket you have, eating your favorite comfort food, and watching your favorite TV show. Many of us already do this, but now it has a name people. And that name is Hyggee (pronounced hoo-gah). 

Hailing from Danish culture, Hygge is literally the art of getting cozy at home.  Turning your home into a calming and blissful sanctuary where you can retreat after a long stressful day and send yourself into the warm embrace of your comfy as heck couch. I’ve been practicing the art of Hygge for years and haven’t even realized it. I’m also Dutch..so that’s probably why it just always came naturally for me, hmph.

Hygge translates to the feeling of being home – so there is not one set way to practice this new way of living since “feeling home” could mean different things for different people. 

SO – if you want to learn how to Hygge, I’ve found some ways that you can turn your home into a warm and welcoming island and zone out every chance you can get. 

Why is Hygge trending you ask? Well it’s because everyone is bombarded with stimulation constantly, in my opinion. We are either constantly on our phones, reading media, or having the pressure of work. Many of us face burnout from having to juggle work, family, and friends. It can become hard to connect with simplicity, because there seems to be a need to always want “more” or to be comparing ourselves to others. SO – you can Hygge alone, with friends, with your sig-o, whoever. This is how to do it..

How To Hygge

Step one, burrito yourself in an over-sized blanket: 

You can’t get cozy without a large plush over-sized blanket. Or maybe a snuggie, whatever floats your boat. And when I say burrito, I mean literally wrap yourself up in a burrito on your bed like a dang cocoon. 

Reading vs. tweeting:

When’s the last time you picked up a paper-back book and read? Set an evening to read vs. scroll on social media, I bet you’ll feel better about yourself being immersed in a story instead of feeling jealous or left out because of something you saw on social media. Which leads me to..

Anti-technology..except for TV if that’s your thing:

When you are dedicating this time of “winding down” for yourself, put the flippin’ phone away. We have a literal obsession with checking our smart phones – and practicing the art of Hygge can help you resist the urge to constantly check it. Instead, put on a good movie or your favorite trashy TV show and zone the eff out. 

Eat out of bowls:

I don’t know what it is, but eating out of a bowl just brings me a sense of comfort. Maybe it’s because I make a ton of macro and Buddha bowls, or I eat carbs, oatmeal and cereal out of bowls (which are comforting foods, obvi). But next time you decide to have a night in to Hygge, eat your meal out of a bowl and feel the comfort. 

Pick up new self-healing rituals:

This could be meditating, yoga (or meditating while yoga if you’re a naturally antsy person), journaling, drawing/doodling, practicing breathing exercises, listening to music that makes you space out,  I could go on and on. Find something that calms you down and add this to your evening routine. 

Step up your home decor:

Living the Hygge life all starts with our atmosphere and surroundings. So think of adding warm textures to your living quarters, soft and warm lighting,  and lots of natural materials like wooden chairs/tables and  (faux if you’re vegan) leather. Candles are another huuuuuge addition to experiencing the Hygge vibe. So light em up! Plants also add to the calming theme. 

Think of calming each of your senses:

Again this can go hand in hand with home decor by having soft plush blankets and pillows, dim lighting, and soft clothing. Choose music that makes you happy, add aromatherapy to the mix and set up a diffuser, make a special warming tonic that you enjoy and sip on only during this type of routine.  

The whole idea is to remove elements that make you feel anxious or stressed out (most likely your smart phone), and to literally chill the heck out. Do you have any other ideas to add to a Hygge evening? Share with us in the comments below!

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