How I Created a Lifestyle I Love

how to create a lifestyle you love

We have all been there: in a slump, going through a loss, break up or mistake, not feeling healthy, or simply not diggin’ life. That’s how I felt before I completely changed my lifestyle. Anyone who touts a healthy lifestyle and seems to always have it together, also has their bad days. 

I shared a sliver of my story on the blog, Live Like You’re Traveling. In a nutshell, I talked about these points when creating a lifestyle you love: 

1: Obstacles can turn into a blessing – I talked about when I was living abroad in Turkey, how I was going through a difficult time coping with the modeling industry there, and how my experience working in the fashion industry made me doubt myself and not treat my health with care. I turned these obstacles and challenges into a blessing, having it ultimately lead me to creating Balanced Babe and becoming a certified plant-based nutrition and health coach. 

2: Let go of the past and embrace what is possible in the future – The worst thing you can do for personal growth is dwell on the past. In my teens I was a smoker (sometimes up to a pack a day), and I’m not ashamed or afraid to admit that. It took me seven times to quit for good and it was a challenge that I overcame that made me SO much more mentally and physically stronger. I have let go of my unhealthy past and have open arms to future possibilities, and now feel as if I can take on the world smoke free.

3: Get out of the mindset that you have to be perfect – This is especially handy when it comes to food and diet. If you try to eat perfect all the time, there will be days where you deviate from your goal and you will feel guilty as all heck. All because you are stuck in a mindset that you always have to watch what you eat. It takes time, but if you start to give yourself some wiggle room for indulgences and letting yourself simply not be “perfect” all the time, you will be a much happier person. 

To see more of my tips for how I created a lifestyle I love, head on over to Live Like You’re Traveling and read my whole interview! How are you creating the lifestyle you love?

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