How to Organize Your Life

These five ways to organize your life are effective, simple, and can easily be duplicated!


Goodmorning Balanced Babes! A new day has begun, and I’m sitting here sipping my coffee as I’m trying to think about what topic to write about. When publishing articles daily, Monday through Friday, there comes times when I get writers-block and I feel like I’ve discussed all the topics under the sun! 

As I’m waking up considering what to write about; thinking about my to-do list, my clients, my projects, my social commitments, and so on and so on. I start to feel a tad bit anxious and cluttered as if my brain is having a hard time sorting everything out (well, I haven’t finished my coffee yet so that pretty much explains it but..). 

I realize that the days where I am full-steam ahead and bursting with productivity, that I have de-cluttered my mind, and somewhat my life in general. I’ve washed my hands of something that was bothering me, or I found an easy way to make my environment ‘supah’ zen. So obviously I want to talk about how you can easily organize your life as well to be in the zone all day, and not have to stress out needlessly.

  1. Think about what is bothering you: But only for 30 seconds! Take a moment to think about what could possibly be a pain in your a** today, or could be hogging your thoughts. Holding on to negative feelings throughout the day will definitely not keep you organized! Then, think of a solution for how you will not let those thoughts consume you. Maybe that means un-following someone on Facebook, giving yourself permission to let it go and simply not care anymore, or think about something that excites you and gets you inspired so that you crowd out your negative thought.
  2. Make your game plan for the week on Sunday: I am so old fashioned and still love to write everything down in my planner. I plan out my week and how many hours per day will go towards each project/client I am working on. Even if it is a rough draft, I still feel better come Monday knowing that I don’t have to complete everything on my list because I know I have 4 more days to get really good work done.
  3. Choose an hour a day and schedule your down time / exercise: For me, this is at noon. I am very productive in the mornings and can’t seem to break away from my laptop until then for my first break. I eat something quick, then roll out my mat and get to work. I light incense and either visualize / meditate, stretch, or exercise. This time away from electric devices also refreshes me so that I can continue on with my work for the rest of the afternoon. 
  4. Only surround yourself with friends who LIFT YOU UP: Let go of frenemies, let go of friends who want to sabotage you or do not want to see you succeed, let go of people in your life who give you bad vibes. You are a grown up and you can choose who you want to be around. So only surround yourself with friends who inspire you, motivate you, and cheer you on.
  5. Keep a work log: I do this every, damn, day. This may sound a little OCD, but it works for me and keeps me very organized. I have an entire folder in my Google Drive dedicated to work tasks that I accomplish. At the beginning of the day I type in all the projects I’m currently working on in bold, and then list 5 THINGS next to them (as in, I need to at least work on 5 things per project today). Then I get to work. I also write down the times that I’m working on each project so that I can keep track of hours and see if there are ways I can cut down on time. At the end of the day, I look at my work log and feel pretty good knowing I got 35-50 work tasks out of the way in one day! I also use it as a reference for the following day so that I can do follow up work / continue from what progress I made the day before. 

SO – if this doesn’t help you feel a little bit less de-cluttered today, then tell me what does help you stay mentally organized! I feel inspired already to take on the day! Or maybe my coffee finally kicked in..

photo source: Betta Living

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