5 Ways to Be Balanced Today

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BeautyCastor Oil:  Grandma knew a thing or two about this oil and used it as an all-around health tonic.  But fortunately you don’t have to ingest castor oil to get great benefits!  It  contains Omega-6 and Vitamin E, as well as other vitamins and minerals which makes it great as a skin treatment to help eliminate and prevent wrinkles; combat dry itchy scalp; remove eye makeup and as an overnight eye treatment; as well as a cuticle oil for use in your at-home mani/pedis for healthy, beautiful nails.


photo source: Nathan Cooke

Nutrition- Hemp Milk does a body good!  This cow’s milk alternative, made from hemp seeds (less the active ingredient THC of course!) , is loaded with calcium, iron, omega-3s  and essential amino acids. It’s free of cholesterol, soy, gluten and dairy.  And Vegans take note:  it’s a good source of protein!  Try adding to your smoothie or cereal,  or to take the chill off these cold nights by using it as your hot chocolate base.


photo source: Miami Acupuncture

Body – Cupping:  If you’re looking to try something new that is finding it’s way into the mainstream menu of spa treatments, then the Chinese medicine tradition of “cupping” might be something to investigate*.  By using heat to create a vacuum in a cup, the practitioner moves it along the skin (typically performed on the backside) using a suctioning technique.  Supporters believe cupping stimulates the flow of energy, increases circulation which helps promote wellness and pain relief and that it will help reduce the appearance of cellulite.  While there is no known scientific evidence to back up these claims, it is often described as producing a massage-like feeling of well-being.  *Balanced Babe advocates doing your research before trying this holistic treatment. 


photo source: Klara

Home – Create an Atmosphere of Appreciation and Love:  Look around your home today and find places to display your favorite photos of  family and friends.  Or maybe it’s time to update the frames, or rearrange a wall of photos, to give more color or interest. Visit your favorite home store and find beautiful and unique photo frames that will complement these photos and your decor. For great ideas on how to arrange a wall gallery, check out Pinterest.


Career & Personal Growth – Try something new, and don’t be afraid to fail: What could take you to the next level with your business or career? Could it be hosting an event for a client? Reaching out to your dream company? What holds back many people when it comes to accelerating career or business growth is being afraid of failure. Failure means you are making mistakes but LEARNING. You will not be able to hone in on a skill or technique if you do not fail and learn from a mistake. A failure could be pitching an idea to someone and getting a big fat no. That is OK! That big “no” could lead to a “yes” from someone else, maybe you just need to tweak your idea. Don’t be afraid to try something new and fail.

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