What REALLY is a Balanced Babe?!

I am happy to say that I had the chance to talk about the Balanced Babe lifestyle in this “Something Fresh” episode from Jewel Osco.

Hi Balanced Babes! Ok, exciting news, I had the chance to talk about the Balanced Babe mission in the above featured episode by Jewel Osco. The camera crew came to my home, followed me around for a day, and asked me all about the Balanced Babe lifestyle and how it came to be. They also filmed me doing my thing at Jewel Osco to see how I do my grocery store tours for clients. Needless to say it was a lively day! 

We filmed for about 6-7 hours and really got down to the nitty gritty about the story behind Balanced Babe. I definitely had some time to reflect on what it means to be a  Balanced Babe since we filmed this (which was over the summer!), so I want to share the mission behind this site for new readers who are just joining us on our mission to being balanced. I mean, heck, I ask all of the BB influencers how they maintain the Balanced Babe lifestyle, so it is definitely a growing movement! 

One thing that BB stands for is the fact that we don’t have to be perfect. There are many people out there that try to find balance in their lives, and they end up getting discouraged. Maybe they are approaching it completely wrong. To us, being balanced means taking the time to put yourself first; your health, your mental well-being, and your life’s purpose. What gets some people discouraged about finding balance is that once we may “feel” balanced in one area, another aspect of our life gets thrown off. Our lives are ever changing and evolving, and if we aren’t trying to balance out our eating habits, then we are trying to balance out work/life, or physical needs etc. It never stops! 

So, I wanted to discuss what being a Balanced Babe is all about, and how you can be one too.

Being a Balanced Babe is:

– Being able to let go of obsessions (of being your ideal self): Balanced Babes are human, not superwomen. We know that obsessing over constantly eating healthy, or constantly working, or constantly being in the social scene can wear us out. We let go of obsessions and allow our self to be flawed.

– Being able to eat nutrient dense foods all week, then having a darn chocolate chip cookie on a Friday night because, heck, you feel like it. As I said in the Jewel Osco video; a Balanced Babe is mindful of how she eats a 80-90% of the time, but splurging and having foods that you know are indulgent 10-20% is OK! We have one life to live, if you lead your life never eating your favorite unhealthy foods (in moderation, of course), then you are a partay-pooper! 

Being able to know when you need to slow down: Balanced Babes are from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, students, new moms, or career women, and we sometimes feel like we never sleep. But we know when to slow down and to recharge our mental self. 

– Not having to label ourselves: If you are a Balanced Babe and you are 100% vegan or 100% vegetarian, then major kudos to you for leading a high level of healthy living. If you grew up eating meat or certain foods your whole life, going completely veg can be intimidating. This is why I personally do not label the type of eater that I am, and it’s OK for you not to do it too. Balanced Babes follow their intuition and know what sustenance their body needs. If that is vegetarian 3 weeks our of 4, and then fish dinners one week out of the month, that is A-OK!

– Live a holistic lifestyle with a modern twist: We know the importance of the mind-body connection, and we take preventative measures to keep our well-being in tip top shape. Balanced Babes love leading a holistic lifestyle with a cosmopolitan, approachable twist. We light our incense or engage our senses with aromatherapy when we work, we explore different holistic practices, and we view food as preventative medicine. We are MIND + BODY Babes!

– We are not afraid to be un-balanced: If we have too many cookies one night, too many drinks, too much work and not enough sleep; tried something new and failed; went a whole week without working out because we were just too busy; and on and on. Well guess what, Balanced Babes aren’t afraid of messing up because we know we will get back on track! That is one of the most important aspects of being a Balanced Babe. We can’t be ‘constantly working out every day babes’ or, ‘I never in my life will ever eat cheese babes’, we are real .. human .. making mistakes .. getting our shit back together when it matters .. babes! 

There is so much more to explore about being a Balanced Babe, but I can’t write forever. So enjoy the ride and empower each other in our community, we are in this together!

From Balanced Babe’s BeHealthful Retreat


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