I’m a Balanced Babe and .. I write about the latest Chicago Food Trends.



Hey There! My name is Mina and I am the creator of ChicagoFoodGirl.com. I was born in South Korea, grew up in the suburbs of Saint Louis, Missouri and now live in Chicago. Chicago Food Girl is my food and lifestyle blog which showcases my love for eating, interviews with talented chefs, fashion and other inspirations. All my cooking recipes are easy to recreate since I include pictures, especially since I am a visual person myself, so anyone can easily recreate my dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen.

My cooking inspirations come from watching my Mom cook Korean meals from scratch, without any recipes but improvising, and creating dishes with love. She cooks from scratch as much as possible even though I know it can be hard since we all live busy lives, but, cooking fresh makes all the difference in the world.

I love that my cooking inspirations can come from from seeing a picture of something delicious on Instagram and being inspired to make it, to reading different cookbooks and other food blogs.


BB: What do you believe  makes someone a Foodie?

I know some cringe when they are called a “foodie”but I take it as a compliment since it is someone who breathe, eats, and is absolutely head over heels in love with food and the ingredients that go into the meal.


BB: Is it hard to be a healthy foodie in Chicago?

It can be since most food that taste good is filled with carbs and fat. My greatest frenemy is carbs but I love food way too much to deny myself of anything since life is too short. It’s easier to be a healthy foodie when you buy and know what is going in your meal therefore I find it easy to make naturally healthy foods for myself and friends because I try to keep my recipes simple. As long as the recipes I make are easy, fast, and fresh, everyone gets excited about eating them.


BB: What Chicago restaurants do you recommend for out of town visitors?

I always recommend the following: Brunch Nellcote, GT Fish and Oyster, Little Goat, The Bongo Room, The Publican, Southport Grocery & Café.

Lunch & Dinner: Mott St, The Bristol, Nico Osteria, L2O, Black Bull, Girl and the Goat, Roka, Topolobampo, Lou Malnati’s


BB: What are your quick tips for keeping your fit figure?

Eating clean (add vegetables and fruits) to your diet and get some type of exercise. Believe it or not, I am not the biggest fan of the gym so I take hot yoga, cycling, ballet cardio and pilates to keep it fun!


BB: What does a typical meal plan for a day look like for you?

I start breakfast with a kale, apple, ginger smoothie with chia seeds or egg whites and bacon. Lunch is salad with chicken or sushi. Dinner consists of Korean food such as kimchee (fermented spicy cabbage), bulgogi, or japchae (sweet potato noodles with vegetables).


BB: Go-to natural beauty tips?

A few of my favorites are putting potato slices on my eyes to de-puff my tired eyes since it contains the enzyme catalase, which helps lighten dark under eye circles. For those that get skin inflammation, rose and lavender does wonders!


BB:  What can we expect from you in the near future?

Be on the lookout for my monthly column at FabFitFun.com where I will be interviewing different chefs and getting insight in the food and wine industry. I would love to write a cookbook and travel more so I can write more about my food adventures for all my readers. Cheers to food and health! xoxo

All photos compliments of ChicagoFoodGirl.com

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