Quick and Easy Plant Based Dressings


Eating Plant Based has so many benefits, but sometimes the newly health-conscious find it hard to make the switch. You may be thinking eating a plant-based meal means bland lettuce with a few carrots, tomatoes and onions topped off with store bought low-calorie dressing. Wrong! To get your creative cooking juices flowing, I have rounded up a few quick ideas to  incorporating more plant-based foods to your diet.  I am crossing my fingers that this will inspire my readers to experiment with “flavoring”, to make any plant-based food delicious!


Combine these seasonings and flavors to  enhance your meals:  

Mixed with Cooked Veggies:

Coconut Oil/Horseradish/Herbs

Garlic/Basil/Olive Oil

Honey/Lemon Juice/Olive Oil

 Mustard (reg. or Dijon)/ Walnuts or Almonds/Olive Oil


    For Salad Toppings:

 Olive Oil/Red Wine Vinegar/Onion (red or white)  can be combined to make these toppings:

Avocado (chopped), or

Mango (chopped), or

Pear and/or Orange (chopped), Crumbled Bleu Cheese, Walnuts

Grilled Pineapple/Red Onion/Mustard/Orange Juice/Olive Oil

White Beans (canned & rinsed) can be combined with:

 Red Onion/Oil/Vinegar, or


I also keep on hand Bragg’s Liquid Aminos as a natural soy sauce alternative.  It’s amazing!


One other obstacle I’ve noticed to eating healthy is being too tired at the end of the workday to prep your ingredients.  If you can set aside one or two nights a week to chop your fruits and veggies and keep in containers, then you have won half the battle.  Happy cooking!


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