7 Ways to Add Veggies to Your Day


If you could add one small goal or action item to your healthy living game plan, make that goal to eat more plans! This is such a simple change that won’t alter your diet drastically. Think of yourself as a toddler who haaaates veggies; you have to sneak in those veggies any way you can.  These tips below are easy and very sustainable – enjoy! 

1: While dining out: Try splitting an entree when you’re dining out, then order an extra side or two of veggies (sans sauces and seasoning);


photo source: Jim Crossley

2: While ordering in: Ordering out for pizza?  Try half & half toppings: order one half with grilled veggies like spinach/onion/mushroom/pepper & tomato, and the other half with your usual toppings. Ask for them to make it extra crispy so the veggies aren’t soft;


photo source: Brian L

3: Bulk up your recipes: Give your tomato soup or Italian sauce some extra density, nutrition and flavor by adding veggies like spinach, swiss chard, green  pepper,  zucchini and onion;


photo source: Arby Reed

4: Be prepared: Buy ready-made, pre-washed and bagged veggies like: lettuce, spinach, broccoli/cauliflower and shredded carrots.  This makes it  super easy to prepare a quick salad;

photo source: Ben Andreas Harding

5: Make Leftovers: Once a week stir-fry a large portion of your favorite veggies using your favorite oil & seasonings.   Divide into several small portions  that you can keep refrigerated for use during the week.   These can be a topping for your favorite burger or sandwich, used as a  filling for pita or tortillas,  added to soups and stews or homemade pizza.


photo source: Elana Amsterdam

6: Cut the carbs: Replace bread with whole green peppers or tomatoes stuffed with tuna or egg salad;


photo source: Apesanteur

7: Dress it up: Always keep savory dressings & dips on hand so it’s more likely you’ll reach for a salad or veggies.  We rounded up some of our favorite dressings in this article on Balanced Babe.





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