Favorite Natural Beauty Remedies + Glossed & Found Feature


I’m definitely a gal who absolutely loves staying home and spending some time alooooone. Living in Chicago means there are constantly exciting events happening and work engagements I attend, that when I get an evening to myself to do whatever I desire (which usually means spa night + movies + spinach dip). I smile like a darn fool all day just thinking about being a hermit. 

I think the one thing women don’t realize when taking an evening to themselves is that you can simply just open your cupboard or fridge and create two or more really great natural beauty remedies. If you own essential oils, even better. I add essential oils to just about everything that I use as a beauty product. Even my lotions, potions and already produced products. 

So, let me remedy your next evening to yourself: pick a movie you’ve been dying to see (or just watch Real Housewives because that is always the best sort of zoning out; shutting your brain off); go to Trader Joes and stock up on dips & veggie chips and other goodies (if you hate cooking); get your beauty ingredients ready; your bathroom clean; your wine handy; and have the best freaking solo girls night. 

I shared three of my favorite natural beauty remedies with the folks over at Glossed & Found last week, so I’m hoping they took advantage of a spa night too. To get a peek of what I put together: 







To see the recipes for these three bad boys head on over to my article at Glossed & Found and get it while it’s hot!!

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