Three Key Ways to Increase the Chances of Achieving Goals


 Can you believe that the New Year is just two days away? I am so anxious to jump head first into 2015 and start working hard to move forward with new projects and with my personal growth adventure! I find that setting goals for myself all year round works best, so I never really make New Years Resolutions. This year I am finding that I have so many projects I want to achieve by 2016 that I’m setting big goals and now have a pretty decent sized list! 

I asked The Food Mood Girl, Lindsay Smith, what tips she has for New Years Resolutions (or goals in general). She gave me some important words of wisdom to remember when wanting to increase the chances of achieving goals, so get your pencils out and take notes!

1. Give yourself feelings rather than goals. How do you want to feel in the New Year? Give yourself 2-3 words. Write down those words and keep them in front of you every time you go to create a goal and see if the feeling aligns with the goal. Let this drive the mini-goals that you set for yourself throughout the year. This also helps set you up for success because it is a more relaxed yet powerful way to stick to what you hope to achieve. Because let’s face it, what you decide you want to do in January might change come April. However, staying connected to your feelings will help drive any goal you set throughout the year.

2. Find an accountability partner/coach or join a mastermind group. Accountability is a game-changer when it comes to going after what you want. If you have a person or group supporting you in those goals, it makes the journey that much easier. You can either find someone who is working on similar goals you have and support each other throughout the year, or you can start or join a mastermind group and work on your goals with a group. Either way, having a person or community supporting you will help put the fire under you to achieve what you want.

3. Recognize that you can re-start any time during the year, not just the New Year! I think it’s important to remind yourself that you don’t have to wait until the New Year to do a re-start or a re-set. There are many other new beginnings that you can take part of throughout the year such as seasonal changes and Chinese New Year. After all, you are the producer for your life so you make the rules. Allow yourself to re-start anytime you desire.

  Remember, New Years is a time for renewal and re-commitment to big goals. With the New Year comes new possibilities and in a sense, a cleansing of the previous year in prep for what’s to come.

    But how many times have your New Years goals actually followed through? At the end of the year do you beat yourself up or re-commit to the same goals? Make this year one for the books and follow these simple steps to ensure your resolutions stick throughout the year (and not just the first two weeks in January)!

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