Known as the “Gal Pal You Never Knew You Needed”: Meet Jen Glantz, Founder of Bridesmaid For Hire

bridesmaid for hire

When it comes to helping brides stay balanced throughout any stage of their upcoming wedding day, Jen of Bridesmaid for Hire,  knows that brides-to-be sometimes need a little extra help, hand-holding or someone behind the scenes to make it a day of joy.  She shares her inspiration as an entrepreneur as well as stressors that contribute to wedding day nightmares.

 bridesmaid for hire

BB:  What inspired you to reach out and post your first ad for your bridesmaid service?

After standing beside so many brides throughout their wedding planning process over the past couple of years, I witnessed firsthand the stress that brides experience and decided that there was a need in the bridal industry that wasn’t being fulfilled yet. Simply put, there was no one there whose job it was to focus entirely on the bride. Sure, there may have been a wedding planner, but she was off setting up the venue and working with the vendors.  There was no one there hired to be by the bride’s side. That’s why I decided to write the Craigslist ad offering my services as a professional bridesmaid and after I received an overwhelming response, I decided to turn it into a business.


BB:  Right from the beginning, when you advertised Bridesmaid For Hire , clearly the overwhelming response struck a chord.  Were you surprised with the interest?  And initially what was the most requested bridal package?

While I was surprised, I was already ready to launch the business and begin working as an official professional bridesmaid. I quickly purchased a domain name and started a business plan. From there, I started reading through the incoming requests and began working with my first bride only days after I posted the ad. The most popular package at first was the Ultimate Bridesmaid Package – where we are at the wedding – and our Virtual Bridesmaid Package – where we consult with the bride before her wedding.


BB:  What would you say are the top two or three wedding stressors for the bride-to-be?

  1. Making sure they have combed over every single detail. This can be overwhelming as there are so many articles online that list out every single thing you need to do or cover before your wedding. It’s important to create a to-do list early on and stick to that throughout the process.
  2. Wanting to feel absolutely perfect on their wedding day. Every bride wants to feel confident and stress free – but often times they feel like the opposite because they feel so much pressure to pull off the most perfect day.
  3. Hoping nothing goes wrong. Even though you plan out your wedding for months, it’s really hard to prevent any last minute pop-up challenges – so just keep an eye out for any potential situations that come out of the blue.

 bridesmaid for hire

BB:  What resources do you turn to when you need personal or business advice?

I have a close group of mentors – from my 83-year-old business tutor in NYC to my brother, who helped me launch this business last year. These people are my strength and my go-to people for quick bits of wisdom. I bounce ideas off of them and often turn to them when I’m having doubts or questions I can’t figure out myself.

 bridesmaid for hire

BB:  On a typical day, what healthy snacks and meals do you prepare?  And what are your quick tips for staying fit? 

I try to eat as healthy as I can since I’m constantly on the go. I love fruit so If I can’t get my hands on a fruit salad, I’ll opt for a smoothie. I also have a handful of workout apps on my phone so I can get in a quick workout no matter where I am.

 bridesmaid for hire

BB:  To keep your energy level high and stress level at a minimum, what do you do on a regular basis to maintain the Balanced Babe lifestyle?

Lots of naps and time just walking outside by myself. It will help you clear your mind and above anything else, reset!

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