My First Book! The Vegetarian Cookbook For Teens!

My first PUBLISHED BOOK is finally here!!

It’s almost surreal to announce that after literally months and months of hard work my very first book, The Vegetarian Cookbook for Teens is here!

It’s due to hit the shelves in May but you can pre-order it NOW to get it first:


I am SO excited about this book because I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes I’ve saved and restructured from my 8+ years of working with and helping clients and BB readers cook healthy plant-forward meals – actually, 100 recipes to be exact.

Every single recipe is vegetarian with the goal to help everyone add more plants to their diet, whether they are strictly vegetarian, or just curious about adding one or two meals a week into their routine!

If you’re curious about how to start making vegetarian meals, the benefits of eating more veggie based recipes, and honing your cooking techniques a bit more in the kitchen – this is ALL included in the book!

I was approached to take on this project by the AMAZING team at Callisto media and right away said YES without any doubt! I’ve been creating, sharing, and helping clients and Balanced Babe readers make more plant focused meals (without the hardcore pressure to always eat 100000% veg), for over 8 years. All the hard work and recipes I’ve created are finally paying off as I have the opportunity to transform some of my favorites, and create new ones, specifically for this book!

Even though this book is for teens, ANYONE who wants to improve their vegetarian cooking skills in the kitchen can benefit from these really easy and yummy recipes. 

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing recipe excerpts, sneak peeks, and so much more. 

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