Full Moon Ritual for April 2020

The energy from tonight’s supermoon is so bright and can help us expand, innovate and review where we are within ourselves and our world right now.

Full moon energy helps us reflect on what we’ve recently accomplished, celebrate our recent wins, and letting go of and releasing what isn’t doing us any physical or emotional good. 

Play into the creative and intuitive energies that you may be feeling and embody how you can switch your perspective with these fun rituals. It’s the perfect time to do a reflection ritual – here’s what I’m doing for my full moon ritual tonight, and it’s easy enough for you to do too!

Full Moon Ritual – April 2020

— I start by creating my reflective space by spending the evening in candlelight with my hubs and alone after we put our kiddo to bed. Turning off stimulation like TV and putting the phones away. 

— Cleansing my space with white sage – this means my candles are usually not scented otherwise it gets a bit overpowering with different scents. 

— Settle in with a 5 minute meditation starting with selecting and meditating on your intention or what you want to embody moving forward. Confidence? Feeling of safety? Optimism?

— I then use all my ritual tools and get to work on a reflective writing practice. Writing is one of my favorite tools for gaining clarity, guidance, validation, and manifesting what I want to call into my life.

Here’s the writing prompts I’m using tonight that you can use too:

— What I’d like to learn about myself right now..

— What I want amplified in me..

— Who am I becoming in these current times?

— What have I recently discovered about my ability to adapt/change and go with the flow?

— Who do I need to forgive?

— What feelings, situations, or people make me feel constrained, held back, and frustrated? 

These can help me immensely reflect on how I’m adapting, reacting, and responding to my environment.

I then do something that will bring me joy such as reading a good book that whisks me off to another world, eat a dessert (because when is eating dessert not joyful?), or taking an epsom salt bath.

OH! And don’t forget to charge your crystals and mala beads on your windowsill under the moonlight tonight! 

Much love xx 

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